How To Check LCD Model Parameters?

- Mar 13, 2020-

LCD screen is the current mainstream of the display screen, the main display products on the market are LCD screen.LCD screen manufacturers are numerous, even if it is the same parameters, different manufacturers of the way of naming is different, we can not put all the model parameters in mind.So how do we query panel parameters?How to check LCD model parameters on the phone?

Check panel parameters using computer:

In the office, we can use the computer screen library, jushi display network, LCD warehouse and other websites to find the LCD screen model parameters and download specifications.The following is a brief analysis of these panel sites.

Screen library: screen library is covering the panel model information more complete website, as long as the input panel model, you can basically look up the details, model parameters free inquiry, do not charge any fees.But to download the specification, you need the screen coin, which can be obtained by recharge.In addition to the LCD screen model parameters checking, also provides the industry panel spot information and panel purchase information, free members paid members can release the relevant information.

Jushi display network: the panel parameters are similar to the screen mode, is the input panel model to query the display screen parameters.The website in addition to the panel model parameters, also added jushi company's own panel inventory.In jushi display network download specifications, currently see is free and no quantity limit.Jushi display network also has the supply and demand information, registration can release the relevant purchase and spot information.At present, we have not seen the website's membership fees and related fees, follow-up fees or not need to be observed.In addition, news related to the display industry, panel price trend and panel knowledge articles have been added. This module is attractive to users who pay attention to the industry news.

Liquid crystal storehouse: resemble with screen storehouse very much, the website has panel relevant parameter, it is old model basically, the new model that nearly two years gives did not see update.In addition, there are LCD screen peripheral products, such as spare parts and so on.Similar to the screen library, downloading the specification requires the website's crystal coin, which can be obtained by topping up.The LCD warehouse website also has the panel supply and demand information, using the charge membership system, can release the relevant panel purchase and panel spot information.Free members cannot directly contact the panel users.

Use mobile phone to check panel parameters:

The mobile phone can use the browser to access the above three sites to query the relevant panel parameters.But according to small make up to understand, at present except liquid crystal storehouse website did mobile page, other two websites did not see the mobile page that can suit mobile phone screen temporarily.In the mobile browser to view the PC page, to zoom in and out of the web, sometimes it is not very convenient to operate.

Now a smart phone, domestic panel industry practitioners have WeChat, is it possible to check  from WeChat LCD model parameters?

At present, in the "jushi display" public number input the complete panel model, you can check the simple parameters of the relevant panel.If you need more detailed parameters or specifications, or to visit the computer library, jushi display, LCD warehouse and other web sites to download.