How To Make A LCD Display To Get STN ,FSTN,or VA LCD Samples?

- Aug 26, 2019-

How to make a LCD mold to get TN ,HTN,STN,FSTN,or VA LCD samples?

Firstly, please understand that there is no standard monochrome LCD display panel in monochrome LCD industry (not including color TFT LCD,COB moule and OLED) ,because specifications of LCD panel are quite different, especially size, voltage,viewing direction,graphics and so on.

1:LCD size (mm):

Customers should tell us viewing area size or total LCD size in millimeter(length,width). We will help you design a final and economic LCD size.
LCD total thickness is 2.8mm or 2.0mm or 1.7mm. Usually,2.8mm is very common thickness.

2:LCD graphics(characters,icons)

Customers should send a simple LCD graphics(Formal CAD drawing or sketch) to us,then we will understand how many segment it is.Our engineer will make formal LCD drawing for your approval.

3:LCD type:

 1) TN   2)HTN  3)STN  4)FSTN   5)VA

4:How to choose LCD type?

1.)Usually,TN LCD is used very widely,Such as power meter LCD,telephone LCD,calculator LCD, electric cooker LCD and so on.          TN LCD is cheapest,but viewing angle is narrow.
2.)HTN LCD is better than TN LCD. Display result of HTN positive LCD is the same as TN positive LCD.But viewing angle is wider        than TN. Unit price of HTN LCD is close to TN LCD.


3. )STN LCD is very excellent LCD. It has a wide viewing angle. Usually STN LCD is used in high-end equipments or display content too much!


4.)FSTN LCD is one of the best LCD in monochrome LCD field. Display content even can be seen in the sunshine. Display result of FSTN positive LCD is similar with TN LCD,but viewing angle is much wider than TN LCD's.


5.)VA LCD is a new LCD type. It has high contrast and wide viewing angle. In general,VA LCD has a excellent display result.If you want a wonderful display result,VA LCD will be your best choice.


5:LCD operating voltage:

LCD operating voltage is up to LCD drive chip.
Usually,LCD operating voltage range is 2.8~5.0V.
We recommend to use 3.0V or 3.3V or 5V operating voltage.

6.LCD operating temperature and LCD storage temperature:
You can choose one from blow:
LCD operating temperature range:0 to 50ºC,then storage temperature range:-10 to 60ºC;
LCD operating temperature range:-10 to 60ºC,then storage temperature range:-20 to 70ºC;
LCD operating temperature range:-20 to 70ºC,then storage temperature range:-30 to 80ºC;
LCD operating temperature:-30 to 80ºC,then storage temperature range:-40 to 90ºC;
LCD operating temperature:-40 to 85ºC,then storage temperature range:-50 to 90ºC;
Temperature range is wider,then price is higher.

Thanks for the customer's trust ! 

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7.LCD Drive Method:
LCD drive method is up to LCD drive chip.
For examples,Static drive;1/2duty,1/2bias;1/3duty,1/2bias;1/4duty,1/3bias;1/8duty,1/4bias;
1/16duty,1/5bias and so on.

8.Rear polarizer type:
There are three types of polarizer: transmission polarizer;transflective polarizer and reflective polarizer.
If  No LED backlight,please choose reflective polarizer.
If  LED backlight is necessary,then you can choose transmission or transflective polarizer.

Transflective polarizer is better and expensive than transmission polarizer.But transflective LCD will have a uniform light result compared with transmission polarizer. What is more,when LED backlight is off, transflecitve LCD will also have a good display result.
For transmission polarizer,when it is negative LCD or LED backlight alway be on,then it is better  use transmission polarizer.

9.Viewing direction
As viewing angle of monochrome LCD is not very wide,especially TN LCD and HTN LCD, so it is necessary to confirm a best viewing direction,so that we can get a best display result.

As usual,LCD viewing direction is separated into 6:00 direction and 12: direction.
6:00 viewing direction: When our line of sight is from bottom to top of LCD,it is 6:00 viewing direction,such as telephone screen,wall clock screen,air condition screen and so on.

12:00 viewing direction: When our line of sight is from top to bottom of LCD,it is 12:00 viewing direction,such as electric cooker display screen.
Viewing direction of LCD is very important,if we made a wrong viewing direction,then the LCD display result was very bad. Maybe customers have to re-make a LCD mold....