How To Use LED Light Guide Plate To The Use Of Various Equipment

- Dec 23, 2018-

We all know that the application of LED Light Guide plate in our life is very extensive, not only in some of the more sophisticated fields have their figure, in our ordinary life tools and equipment also have their appearance, but there are many friends have a very curious attitude to this.

They usually want to know how LED light guide plate is applied to these common tools, in order to find out the truth, we can not specifically remove the new equipment, here in Shenzhen Jinshungxing to explain to you how LED Light guide plate is used in a variety of equipment. First of all, we have to make clear the luminous principle of LED Light guide plate, in many fields, the reason why such a special material is widely used mainly because it has a very simple luminous principle, only need to put the light source on the guide plate can present a transparent screen, By presenting what you need to appear in a special way to the screen, you can make a final effect. Here we simulate the production of advertising light boxes.

Advertising light boxes also appear in our lives in a very large number of times, and due to some special circumstances will also have interesting factors. This is due to the presentation of the LED Light Guide plate for the image. We first make a paper box with an opening, and then attach a piece of LED light guide plate to this opening. Throw a light on the top of the guide plate on the back of a picture, after the light source, we can clearly see that the picture is presented in our field of vision. The application in life is roughly the same, I hope you can have more whims as a result.