ICDT2020: The List Of Winners Has Been Released! A Variety Of TCL Huaxing Products Were Awarded The Best Of The Year

- Oct 14, 2020-

On October 12th, the 2020 International Display Technology Conference (ICDT2020) was held in Wuhan. At the same time, the six major awards in the display industry in China (CDIA) were officially announced. CDIA is an extremely important annual award in the display industry. The award sets up three categories of awards for the best innovative display of the year, innovative display components, and innovative display application technology. It aims to commend the excellent display technology and products of the previous year and demonstrate their novelty. , Excellence and breakthrough.

After rigorous review by the award committee and fierce online voting, TCL China Star has 5 products that have won awards. Among them, 10.1" tri-fold display and 6.2" folding display won the annual best innovative display bonus award and the annual best display application product bonus award. .

Best Innovative Display Bonus Award

10.1" tri-fold display

The 10.1" tri-fold display adopts a double hinge design independently developed by TCL Huaxing. The screen can be folded from different directions to achieve 0-180° inward and outward folding, and the touch function is integrated into the screen. In the fully expanded state, 10.1" is super large The screen is conducive to reading, gaming, and video viewing. It can also be used with an external keyboard and mouse for file processing or other multitasking operations. After being folded, it is the size of a normal mobile phone and is easy to carry. TCL Huaxing 10.1" tri-fold display, balancing the dual needs of large screen and portability, will bring consumers a brand-new experience.

Best display application product bonus award

Best Display Application Product Award The Most Popularity Award

6.2" folded display

TCL Huaxing 6.2" folding display, unique drop-shaped internal folding design, compared with traditional wedge-shaped and U-shaped bending mobile phones, there is no "seam" after folding, the bending is smoother, and the opening and closing process is smooth without pause; Lighter and thinner, the folded size is small, and it is more convenient to carry.

Silver Award for Best Innovative Display

75" star screen

TCL Huaxing 75" MLED star screen has a contrast ratio of 1 million:1, with more perfect details; NTSC is as high as 100%, which is 38%+ color gamut enjoyment than ordinary products, and 100% restores real and wonderful scenes; with TCL Huaxing exclusive After-image solution, the dynamic picture is smoother and clearer, and the picture quality experience is comparable to OLED, bringing a new shocking visual experience to the viewer.

Best Innovative Display Application Technology Award Silver Award

32” ultra-high refresh rate gaming MNT

TCL Huaxing 32" ultra-high refresh rate gaming monitor achieves the industry's first-class level of 240Hz ultra-high refresh rate. At the same time, it uses Mini-LED backlight and up to 512 local Dimming, which can well solve the problem of screen smear and image jitter , Greatly improve the stability of the picture, bring the extremely smooth high-end gaming experience.

Bronze Award for Best Innovative Display

17.3"4K2K Mini-LED

TCL Huaxing 17.3" 4K2K Mini-LED is the world's first mini-LED highlight backlight notebook display product with the narrowest bezel. This product maximizes the potential of Mini-LED, with a million-level ultra-high contrast ratio and 1000+ high partition Digits, high color gamut (NTSC up to 100%), 120Hz high refresh rate, HDR1000 standard, and local Dimming features, so that notebook LCD displays have high-end products comparable to OLED, bringing a brand new display to the high-end notebook display market vitality.

TCL Huaxing is committed to using technology to promote social progress. In the future, we will continue to innovate in the fields of 8K, flexible display, printed OLED and other fields with unswerving steps to bring you more beautiful things.