IDC Announces Q3 Tablet Market Share: Apple First Amazon Second

- Nov 05, 2019-

In recent days, idc (international data company) released the latest report on the flat-panel computer market in Q3,2019, which provides sales data for the top five brand manufacturers in the tablet market, from which it can be seen that apple's products are still at the top, with 31.4% of the market share. 

Huawei's flat, though in the last two years, is in good sales, and from the city of Q3, there is still a gap between Huawei's tablet market and the first Apple and second-place Amazon. 

lcd display

From the annual growth rate, the growth rate of apple and amazon is particularly bright, while the growth rate of samsung and huawei is negative, and the growth rate of other brands after the fifth is also negative. 

Apple's ipad led by 31.4% shipments in the third quarter, while amazon jumped to 14.5% with its lower-priced fire tablet line, while samsung ranked third with 12.3%, showing negative growth compared with last year.Huawei and lenovo were fourth and fifth with 9.5% and 6.7%, respectively.