LCD Display Application Notes

- Aug 22, 2019-

LCD Display Application notes

    1 Since the LCD panel is a glass product do not apply strong impact to them

2 Soldering will be performed more than 5.0mm from withdrawal of lead-pin rear glass at the temperature of under 270°C of soldering bath within 5 seconds.

   3 Handle the polarizer with care as it is easily damaged .Do not press or rub them with glass, a pin or any small, hard object. Take care not to push and drop them because a strong shock may damage them.

   4 Do not touch the surface of the display and the part of the transparent electrode terminal with naked fingers. The stain on the surface of the transparent electrode may cause insulation between terminals.

5 Do not drop the water or chemicals, etc. on the surface of the LCD

6 The LCD unit should be stored in dark place, do not expose it to direct sunlight or fluorescent lamps.

7 Note that the presence of water drops or dew on the surface of LCD  may deteriorate the polarizer or corrode the electrode.

8 Every PIN must be applied wave form, when LCD is operating

9 Avoid storage in high temperature and high humidity.

10 If long-term storage is required, keep the panels at a temperature of 10 to 30 °C and a relative humidity of 60%or less.产品介绍4