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- May 22, 2019-

Overview of anti-reflective glass
Reduction reflection glass and said high through glass, AR glass is used has optical film interference principle, through vacuum magnetic control reaction sputtering advanced process in glass base board Shang plating business must film department structure of nano optical multilayer film, will glass visible through rate by 91% improve to 98% above, reflection rate by General glass of 8% fell to 2% following (minimum can up 0.2%), and effective to improve penetrating force and the weakened for behind strong light led to picture variable white of defects, enjoy more clear of image quality.

Anti-glare glass overview
Anti-glare glass also known as anti-reflective glass or non-reflective glass. Is a kind of special treatment the glass surface of the glass. Its principle is to process high quality glass on one or both sides. Its reflectance is lower than the ordinary glass, reduce the reflectance of light to 1%, so as to reduce the ambient light interference, improve the clarity of images, reduce screen glare makes the image more clear, realistic, offer viewers a better visual effect.
Anti-glare glass reduces the reflectivity of the glass surface is less than 2%, transmittance ≥ 80 gloss ≥ 60.