LCD Panels Are Gradually Being Replaced By OLED Panels

- Nov 12, 2020-

A recent survey report by UBI Research, a well-known data consulting company, shows that China is the largest purchaser of mobile phone OLED panels in the second quarter of 2020. Chinese mobile phone manufacturers purchased a total of about 30.4 million OLED panels, accounting for 52.5% of the global total. , More than half.

South Korea consumed 35.0% of the world’s OLED panels in the second quarter of this year, compared with 8.3% in the United States.

In China, Huawei is a firm supporter of mobile phone OLED screens. The number of OLED panels it purchased reached 16.23 million, accounting for 53.4% of the domestic market. In other words, Huawei alone bought 28.0% of the world's OLED screens, which is more than a quarter.

Following closely behind are OPPO, vivo, Xiaomi and Meizu, which accounted for 18.6%, 14.8%, 8.3% and 1.3% of domestic OLED panel purchases. The total purchases of OLED panels from other manufacturers account for only 3.5%, and the Matthew effect is obvious.

The report also mentioned that China's OLED panel manufacturers are continuing to expand their production capacity. Compared with traditional LCD panels, OLED screens are widely favored by consumers because of their thinner volume and weight, better response speed, higher picture contrast, and better color performance.

In the past, constrained by low yield and lifespan, as well as high procurement costs, OLED screens were only adopted by a few mobile phone manufacturers such as Samsung and LG. After years of technical iterations, the OLED panel production process has become increasingly mature. After Apple adopted OLED screens in iPhone X in 2017, the proportion of OLED panels in the mobile phone industry has rapidly increased. tom Decision