LCD Segment Code Screen Application And Drive Scheme

- Feb 15, 2019-

LCD Segment Code screen is often used in shipments of large household consumer electronics, such as air conditioning remote control, as a child with electronic watches, etc., are segment code screen. 

Segment Code screen is non-standard screen, are custom-made, the first mold opening fee of about one thousand or two thousand yuan, manufacturers will generally have the requirements of the order, in addition, its unit cost is relatively cheaper than the dot-matrix screen, and I personally think the effect of the display is more beautiful than the dot-matrix screen. The driver of the LCD segment Code screen is the same as the static driver of the digital tube, as long as we understand how to display a basic unit, write a font table according to this basic unit, and then use with (&) and (|) These two bit operators can write the numbers or shapes we want to display as they please. 

LCD Segment Code screen There are two commonly used drive schemes: the first: If the single-chip computer integrated SEG and COM pin LCD drive module, directly with a single-chip machine drive.  

The second type: single-chip computer with 3 IO port with HT1621 to communicate, with HT1621 drive segment Code screen. I'll focus on the second in this section. HT1621 has 4 COM, COM3,COM2,COM1,COM0, respectively. There are 32 SEG, respectively, SEG0,SEG1....SEG31. ...