LED Backlight And Backlight Lighting Innovation Will Gain Greater Market

- Jan 05, 2019-

2018, will be the LED industry rapid development of the year, LED industry, especially LED lighting, LED backlight, LED light source, LED lights, the development will be more rapid.

LED lighting industry, including LED backlight industry recovery, but also let more enterprises see the blue sea market, car lighting is one of the popular market, at present not only brand enterprises began to carry out this layout, but also a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises to the field of automotive lighting in this direction of development. LED backlight service life than cold time extremely tube length (more than 5,000 hours), and the use of DC voltage, usually used in small monochrome display, such as telephone, remote control, microwave oven, air conditioning, instrument watches, audio and sound equipment and so on.

However, its brightness is currently insufficient to provide a rear light source for large transmission displays. Light guide plate industry in 2016 is undoubtedly a grim year, whether large domestic manufacturers or small and medium-sized enterprises have experienced severe considerations.

Starting with the rise in raw material prices, it is inevitable to face the corporate challenges posed by daily price fluctuations until 2017, when raw material prices gradually stabilized. In recent years, LED backlight industry continues to promote the development of environmental protection and energy saving, and the development of new areas can let more customers for LED flexibility to expand more demand, it is expected that the future LED lighting is still a major development of the market, the Application of Light guide plate has a great prospects for development.