LED Backlight LED Lamp Wafer Classification

- Dec 09, 2018-

Backlight LED-LED Wafer classification, said LED wafer classification, rather than the LED back brightness classification. Now, we all know that LED is the essential core of LED backlight, but LED chip to make into a small chip before, is a relatively large epitaxial film, so the chip production process has cutting this fast, is to cut the epitaxial chip into a small chip.

It should be a link in the production process of LED chips.

The role of LED wafer: LED wafer for the main raw materials of LED, LED mainly rely on wafers to glow.

The composition of LED wafers: the main arsenic (AS) aluminum (AL) gallium (Ga) indium (in) phosphorus (P) nitrogen (N) strontium (Si) elements of several components.

Classification of LED Wafers 1, according to the luminous brightness points: A, General brightness: R﹑H﹑G﹑Y﹑E and so on; B, high brightness: VG﹑VY﹑SR, etc.; C, ultra-high brightness: UG﹑UY﹑UR﹑UYS﹑URF﹑UE; D, Invisible (infrared): R﹑SIR﹑VIR﹑HIR;E, infrared receiving tube: PT;F, Photoelectric tube: PD;

2, according to the composition of the elements: A, two Yuan wafer (phosphorus ﹑ gallium): H﹑G, B, ternary wafer (phosphorus ﹑ gallium ﹑ arsenic): SR﹑HR﹑UR; C, four Yuan wafer (phosphorus ﹑ aluminum ﹑ gallium ﹑ indium): SRF﹑HRF﹑URF﹑VY﹑HY﹑UY﹑UYS﹑UE﹑HE, UG. Although LED chips and LED wafers are two completely different concepts, in fact, the brightness of the LED backlight chip is determined by the LED wafer.