LED Not Just Shown It Should Be Integrated Into Our Living Environment

- May 20, 2019-

In 2008, the National Stadium (bird's nest), in the crowd of more than 90,000 spectators and millions of TV viewers witnessed by the collective, the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony was held. When hosting the huge picture of China's 5,000 years of civilization history slowly begun in front of an audience, how many people it's grandeur, atmospheric, and smitten with the beautiful, amazing. Behind this is the large number of quiet devotion of LED display screen (learned that picture is made up of millions of LED lights stitched into). Objectively speaking, only LED display screen in order to undertake this important task.
Not only is a tool for displaying information
From the first single bi-color LED display screen to full color, from outdoor to indoor SMD line, and then to the SMD, indoor and outdoor COB. After years of development, now LED display products have been greatly enriched, and LED displays are used to more places. LED display screen as a tool for information, its value has been fully reflected, but this label is firmly fixed.
In the development of the times, technology advances, LED display people's thinking are constantly adjusting and changing. For the LED display, LED display one of them is how to further mining potential value, breaking the posted value of its existing labels, LED display for a look back into public view.
To go in two steps: first, how to make innovative changes in designs, LED display more integration into the surrounding environment, this step is a prerequisite, is based, second, from the core to seek a breakthrough. We know the advantages of LED display screen is very obvious, such as high brightness, energy saving, long life, viewing angle, so that its potential is very large, the key is how to use creativity to tap its potential.
How to blend into their surroundings
In outdoor LED display highly discordant with the environment issues are becoming increasingly prominent, will emerge as the LED display screen light up when a certain level of light pollution, and does not work like a city's scars. To this end, the current Outdoor LED display is faced with increasingly stringent regulations. But as urban business activities, represent a carrier of the modern spirit of the city of LED displays, its role should not be overlooked.
How should we weigh the contradictions and conflicts between the two? How to break this embarrassment? The only solution is the better integration of LED display environment, completely eliminate such discord, optimal results is to make the LED display became one of the city's unique landscape, let them to maximize the value of it. In the field of outdoor LED display, current industry many enterprises do creative screen perfect docking with the surrounding buildings, makes the LED display to become the new landmark of the city, new business cards. Zhou ming, for example "Asia's first outdoor LED display" projects, such as Li Xiang-Hui "Xinjiang thousand square meters LED screen, chuangzhi building, software Park" project.
Indoors, also facing such problems. How to make LED display more integration into the environment? In fact we need to do more creative designs. In this context, screen painting is an example that can be applied. When we move from a distance, sometimes even watching oil painted screen at close range, without carefully considering it, we never would have thought it was a piece of LED display screen, but it completely as a painting to look at. In our eyes, it is not only fit, but can bring us a kind of unexpected beauty.
The challenge here is: how to design a more harmonious with its surroundings borders; how to further optimize the quality of LED display screen; how to shape design of LED display screen and look to make it blend in with the surrounding environment or construction as a whole. This is the question we need to think about.
From the core breakthrough
Now LED display industry there are many enterprises with roots in creative displays, and began his career in painting screens of some enterprises in the development and production, which is to rethink the value of LED display screen. Take beautiful pictures of Beijing Olympic Games, at the beginning I'm afraid no one will think it is a giant LED screen, but to be totally immersed in the creation of heavy, rich, artistic atmosphere. That's LED display the value of another.
Future, with further development of LED display panel, with public consumption demand personalization, customization and artistic, such segments of the product--such as canvas screen, creative screen will blossom out in front of everyone.
The LED display industry has entered a period of a bottleneck in the development of, we are faced with overcapacity and price competition, the enormous pressure of diluted profit. Flowing, more in difficult times, when we should have a good plan for the future. If we are LED displays can adjust and change the way we think, from value of thinking about how to realize the value of LED display screen bigger, the thick product sends thinly for creative ground. Prospect of Chinese LED display industry is very bright, we can look forward to a brighter tomorrow.