LG Display, Li Tinghan: Oled TV Is Unstoppable

- Oct 29, 2019-

After the departure of Taiyuan Station in the second season of "oled big bang prairie fire trip", the spark of oled set off a new round of prairie fire in the Central Plains. Li Tinghan, lg display's China marketing strategy consultant, came to Zhengzhou on October 24 to share and deeply communicate with guests and media on the current situation and development expectations of oled in China.

 Li Tinghan executive said that oled must be the mainstream choice of the future television market. At the same time, he also pointed out that Zhengzhou, as the political, economic, cultural center of Henan Province, and an important comprehensive transportation hub in the country, has an irreplaceable role. The reason why the OLED big bang started a prairie fire trip in the second quarter was precisely the dominant position of Zhengzhou in "connecting all directions and connecting the world." I hope that through the dissemination of media friends, Henan and even the surrounding areas of the vast number of consumers to bring a better audio-visual experience. 

Oled display

Oled is the way to save the market in the current depressed television market

From the original black and white TV to the color crt, to the increasingly perfect and mainstream LCD TV, and then to the cold winter of the industry where the mainstream LCD technology has reached the top in recent years. It can be said that the whole television industry from the initial rise to today's increasingly prosperous status quo, are heralding a current situation, the liquid crystal era that ruled the Chinese television market for more than a decade has passed, the television industry wants to continue to flourish, it needs to rely on new technical forces to inject new vitality into the television industry.

 As we all know, thanks to the self-luminous display characteristics, oled TV has more rich color, more accurate content expression and faster picture reaction than the traditional LCD TV. At the same time, oled also provides more possibilities for TV, folding, bending, transparent, the successful application of oled display technology in television products, so that consumers have more expectations for TV, a traditional category of household appliances. It has also injected new hope for the development of China's television market.