LG Large-sized Oled Panel Capacity Is Doubled, Marketing Is Aimed At The Consumer

- Oct 23, 2019-

LG display; lgd expects monthly production of TV oled panels to double in the second half of 2019, or temporarily ease demand for TV oled panels. Lgd, on the other hand, recently shifted the focus of oled panel marketing from B2B to b2C, seemingly deliberately promoting the popularity of oled television. 

Oled Panel

According to reports from Korean media zdnet korea et al., lgd said earlier in the second quarter of 2019 that in order to convert the panel business to oled, to get rid of the crisis of excess supply of lcd panels in mainland China, lgd has continued to invest in oled panels for many years. It is expected that the production capacity of lgd large-size oled panels can double by the end of 2019, or can alleviate the current market demand for television oled panels and accelerate the popularization of oled TV. 

Oled Panel

In the second half of 2019, lgd will continue to expand the oled panel market. At the end of August, the lgd Guangzhou factory held a completion ceremony, and the factory officially entered mass production. 

LGD Guangzhou 8.5 generation oled factory initially produced 60, 000 tablets a month, after which it is expected to rise to 90, 000 tablets per month. At present, the monthly production capacity of Paozhou 8.5 generation oled panel factory is 70000 tablets, and the monthly production scale of Guangzhou factory is expected to double after the entry of Guangzhou factory. 

In addition, around 2022, after the Paozhou 10.5 plant, it is expected that 45000 tablets of production capacity will be added each month. Lgd sources said that after the harvest of Guangzhou oled panel factory, the shipment of TV oled panel in the second half of 2019 will increase by 40% compared with the first half of 2019, and the production of 65 inch and 75 inch panel will increase significantly, which may alleviate the demand for large size oled panel and accelerate the popularization of oled TV. 

Lgd recently decided to invest in P10. 5 generation oled panel factory in Paozhou, planning to import (mmg) production technology for mixed cutting substrate. In addition, in order to improve production efficiency, lgd is preparing to introduce inkjet printing technology. 

Samsung display (samsung display) was expected to invest in large oled panels by the end of 2019, but it was already investing on Oct. 10. LGD is still the only manufacturer of TV oled panels in the world, and lgd plans to invest actively in the hope of consolidating the leading position of large oled panels, people said.