Liquid Crystal Industry Structure

- Mar 10, 2019-

LCD product manufacturing involves optics, semiconductors, motors, chemicals, materials and other fields, upstream and downstream needs of a wide range of technical aspects, so few single manufacturers can be made from materials to finished products, so the division of labor in various fields is obvious, upstream materials include glass substrates, ITO conductive glass factory, polarizer, color filter, light source module, liquid crystal, Semiconductor manufacturing process required hood, LCD drive IC, printed circuit board (PCB), etc., midstream set of materials, manufacturing LCD panels, to provide downstream application manufacturers, due to a large number of downstream application products, the required panel specifications are almost different, according to the product cutting panel size, so LCD panel than no specification products , there are many kinds of downstream application products, from all kinds of household appliances, consumer, information, communications and industrial products, as long as the need to display the equipment, need to use LCD products.