Main Advantages Of Tft Lcd Liquid Crystal Display Screen

- Oct 09, 2019-

With the maturity of the tft technology in the early 1990'S, the color liquid crystal flat panel display has developed rapidly, less than 10 years, and the tft lcd is rapidly growing into a mainstream display, which is inseparable from the advantages of the present invention. Let's get an idea of its main features. The method is characterized in that: 


(1) the using characteristics are good: low-voltage application, low driving voltage, solid use safety and reliability, and the flat plate is thin and light, and a large amount of raw materials and using space are saved. Low power consumption, its power consumption is about one-tenth of the crt display, the reflection type tft lcd is even about one percent of the crt, and a large amount of energy is saved. The tft lcd product has many characteristics such as specification and model, series of size, variety of varieties, convenient use, flexible maintenance, updating, easy upgrading, long service life and the like. The display range covers the range of applications for all displays in the range from 1 to 40 inches and the projected large plane, which is a full-size display terminal. The display quality is from the simplest monochrome character pattern to the high resolution, high color fidelity, high brightness, high contrast, and high response speed. The display mode has a direct view, a projection type, a perspective type, and a reflection type. 

(2) The environmental protection property is good: no radiation, no flicker, and no harm to the health of the user. In particular, the emergence of the tft lcd electronic book will bring the human into the era of paperless office and paper-less printing, which will lead to the revolution of human learning, dissemination and recording of the mode of civilization. And 


(3) wide application range, can be normally used in the temperature range from -20 DEG C to 50 DEG C, and the low-temperature working temperature of the tft lcd subjected to the temperature strengthening treatment can reach the temperature of minus 80 DEG C. Can be used as a mobile terminal display, a desktop terminal is displayed, and a large-screen projection television can be used as a full-size video display terminal with excellent performance. And 

(4) the automation degree of the manufacturing technology is high, and the large-scale industrial production characteristic is good. The technology of the tft-lcd industry is mature, and the yield of the large-scale production reaches more than 90%.

 (5) Tft-lcd is easy to integrate and upgrade, and it is a perfect combination of large-scale semiconductor integrated circuit technology and light source technology. There are currently amorphous, polycrystalline and single-crystal silicon, tft-lcd, with tfts of other materials in the future, both with a glass substrate and a plastic substrate.