Main Parameters Of Liquid Crystal Display Module

- Sep 28, 2019-

The control ic, the optical filter and the directional film used during the manufacture of the folded contrast liquid crystal panel are related to the contrast of the panel, and the contrast ratio can be sufficient for a general user to be 350:1, but the contrast level in the professional field can not meet the requirements of the user. The relative crt display can easily reach a contrast of 500:1 or even higher. Only high-grade liquid crystal displays can reach such a degree. Since the contrast is difficult to measure accurately by the instrument, it is difficult to go to see it in person at the time of picking. The contrast is very important, it can be said that the selection of a liquid crystal is a more important indicator than the bright spot, when you know that the liquid crystal you buy is used for entertainment to watch the movie, you can emphasize that the contrast ratio is more important than the no-bad point, and when we look at the streaming media, In general, the brightness of the source is not small, but it can be seen that the dark contrast of the character scene and the change of the head hair to the dark texture will be manifested by the contrast. The excellent vg and vx have always emphasized the contrast index, and vg910s is the contrast of 1000:1. We used this and Samsung to test with a double-head video card. Samsung's liquid crystal is obviously better than that. The 256-level gray-scale test in the test software can see more gray cells in the head-up, that is, the contrast is good! The folded-brightness liquid crystal is a kind of substance that is between the solid state and the liquid state, itself is not capable of emitting light, and it is necessary to use the extra light source. Therefore, the number of lamps is related to the brightness of the liquid crystal display. The earliest liquid crystal display has only two upper and lower lamp tubes, and now, the lowest of the universal type is the four-lamp, and the high-end is a six-lamp. The four-tube design is divided into three types of arrangement: one is one lamp tube at four sides, and the disadvantage is that the black shadow is present in the middle, and the method for solving the problem is that the upper and the lower four lamp tubes are arranged in a flat way, and the last one is in the form of a "u" type, In fact, two light tubes are generated in a phase of a two-lamp phase. The six-tube design actually uses three lamp tubes, and the Chinese manufacturers bend the three lamp tubes into the "u" type, and then are placed in parallel so as to achieve the effect of six lamp tubes. small ant tips: the brightness is also a more important index, the brighter liquid crystal is very far to the person。