March 2020 LCD Display Panel And Notebook Panel Price Vane: Volume And Price Rise

- Mar 07, 2020-

Affected by the Coronavirus, logistics transportation is blocked, and the resumption of business is delayed, which has a significant impact on both the upstream and midstream panels. The upstream production of panel materials in the mainland region is delayed by manufacturers. In February, the production capacity was small, which directly affected the panel factory in the midstream, which affected production capacity due to the shortage of raw materials. Although the epidemic situation has led to a decline in global display and notebook terminal market demand, the purchase demand of brands has not been reduced. The price of TV panels fell below the cost price last year. Shipments were lower in February this year. Now that the prices of TV panels have risen sharply, the prices of LCD display panels and notebook panels have risen. In addition, the notebook market is still facing a shortage of Intel CPUs in 2020. In summary, in March 2020, under the condition of reduced supply chain efficiency, the LCD display panel and notebook panel markets will have a tight supply and demand situation, and there will be a "volume and price rise" situation.


For Monitor panel:


The LCD display panel production capacity declined in March from the previous month, and display panel prices will show a structural upward trend. The tight supply situation in March will continue. Combined with the strong willingness of panel makers to increase prices, it is expected that the price increase of 23.8-inch IPS and below specifications will be 0.2 ~ 0.5 US dollars, giant world display combined with Sigmaintell data, the main size analysis is as follows:


1, 21.5 ", February 21.5" and below TN low-end product modules and Open cell prices ushered in a slight increase, TN product supply is restrained in the short term, the average module price in February is expected to increase 0.1 US dollars, March average price rose 0.2 US dollars. The price increase of Open cell is greater than the LCD display module price, and the average price in March is expected to increase by 0.2 US dollars.


2. 23.8 ", the average LCD display module price in February is expected to be flat, and the average price in March is expected to increase by 0.2 US dollars; some open cell prices in February will rise, but the average price will remain flat, and the average price in March is expected to increase by 0.3 US dollars.


3, 27 ", the average price of modules is expected to stop falling in March.


4. In terms of large size: Affected by the sharp decline in the offline and domestic Internet cafe market demand, the demand is weak, and prices are expected to remain the same in March as in February.


For Notebook Display Panel:


The epidemic also has the above-mentioned impact on the notebook computer market. Terminal demand and panel supply are facing double pressure; while Intel CPU shortage issues are expected to continue in 2020, AMD Ryzen is expected to continue to seize the market.


Notebook display panel prices. The average price of low-end TN products is supported by costs. The average price in March rose by 0.5 US dollars.


1.13.3 ", affected by the overall shortage, this model rose 0.2-0.3 USD in March compared with February;


2.14.0 ", 14-inch IPS screen has stronger demand than in 19 years, and is expected to increase by 0.2-0.3 USD compared with February;


3.15.6 ", 1920 * 1080 resolution is expected to sell well in March, the price continues to rise. Throughout March, the price of 15.6 size notebook panels will be on the rise, it is expected to increase by 0.5 US dollars.