Medical Display Panel Strengthens Wanda Yingmao's Q2 Watch

- May 22, 2020-

Due to the expansion of respirators and global medical equipment, medical panels have emerged urgently. Small panels and touch factories have made small contributions, and the performance in the first half of the year went against the trend. Small and medium-sized panel manufacturers like Taiwan Crystal (3038), touch panel manufacturers Yingmao (4729), Wanda (5220), because of the urgent order of hand-held breathing apparatus, revenue increased in April, and the second quarter revenue estimate increased by 20% quarterly In the third quarter, the shipment momentum remained unchanged.


The spread of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic has caused a surge in global demand for medical equipment, which has driven the shipment of medical panel orders in the first half of this year. Respirators, in particular, said that only thousands of units have been shipped in the past year, but now thousands are shipped in a single month. In addition, because of the increase in medical demand, almost all medical equipment has also increased production. In the past, the medical equipment market was stable and the inventory level was low. Today, in addition to increased demand, customers also want to prepare more inventory. The visibility of medical panel orders now reaches the third quarter.


In the past, special medical panels such as respirators, because of the small number and special specifications, are mostly small panel manufacturers to accept orders, but have become the beneficiaries of this wave of medical demand. Wanda, a touch panel manufacturer, said that in February and March, orders for medical panels increased, especially the urgent orders for respirators, and other orders for medical instruments such as tomography, nuclear magnetic resonance, etc. It has also increased a lot compared to the past.


Wanda's consolidated revenue in April was about 107 million yuan, a monthly increase of 27.38% and an annual increase of 9.87%, writing the highest point in the past 18 months. At present, the visibility of medical-related product orders is high. The legal person estimates that revenue in the second quarter is expected to grow by more than 20% compared with the first quarter. Although affected by the epidemic, the demand for general industrial control and commercial panels declined, but the surge in medical panel orders still led to a performance increase. Compared with the past, the revenue of medical products accounted for about 12% to 15%, and the second quarter will increase significantly to 30% the above.


In the first quarter, Yingmao urgently received a sharp increase in the demand for respirator proofing in the Russian region. Afterwards, it took the shortest period of proofing and received orders from customers. Mass production began at the end of April, driving monthly revenue to 1.04 100 million yuan, a monthly increase of 44.44% and an annual increase of 20.88%. The visibility of medical product orders in the second quarter is high, and the legal person predicts that this quarter's revenue will have double-digit growth. Yingmao estimates from the order status that the medical product revenue will grow substantially due to the urgent order of the respirator and the partial transfer order. It is estimated that this year's medical product revenue contribution will increase to more than 15%.


Taiwan this year also benefited from the rapid single injection of medical products such as respirators, supporting revenue performance. Although the shipment of home appliances in Europe and the United States and other countries was affected by the epidemic, the overall revenue remained stable. The combined revenue in April was about 287 million yuan, a monthly increase of 4% and an annual decrease of 7.42%. It is expected that the second quarter revenue will have a double-digit growth rate.