Next Year 40% Of Smartphones Will Be Equipped With OLED Display

- Feb 27, 2020-

According to IHS market forecast, next year's total smartphone shipments will be 1.57 billion, of which OLED smartphones will reach 620 million to 630 million, accounting for 40%. This year's smartphone shipments totaled 1.581 billion, of which more than 470 million were OLED products, accounting for 30%. In terms of OLED smartphone shipments alone, next year will be more than 30% higher than this year. Counter point, another market research firm, expects shipments of OLED smartphones to exceed 600 million next year.

From the manufacturer's point of view, Apple has changed the most. Apple shipped more than 190 million iPhones this year, with only 30% of them equipped with flexible OLED displays. The figure is expected to be close to 60% next year. As a result, OLED iPhone shipments are likely to increase from 57 million this year to 110 million next year. This year, nearly 53 million of the liquid crystal display (LCD) iPhones will be converted to flexible OLED displays next year. Apple will launch a new series of iPhone products in the second half of next year, all equipped with flexible OLED displays.

Shipments of OLED smartphones from Chinese companies such as Huawei are expected to increase by about 90 million units over this year. According to the classification of major enterprises, the proportion of OLED products will increase by about 10%. This year, the proportion of OLED products in Huawei and Xiaomi is about 20%. Next year, Huawei will be close to 30% and Xiaomi will be more than 30%. This year, "oppo" and "vivo" account for 30% of all OLED products. Next year, "oppo" will remain at about 30%, while "vivo" will exceed 40%.

Samsung's OLED smartphone share has reached 60% and will increase slightly next year (15 million). Previously, Samsung Electronics accounted for more than 60% of OLED products in 2017 and 2018, respectively. The proportion of OLED products decreased last year and this year will resume next year. This year, Samsung Electronics accounted for about 40% of global OLED smartphone shipments.

Counter point said that Chinese smartphone companies have not only expanded the application scope of OLED in the field of high-end products, but also expanded the application scope of OLED in the field of smartphones priced at 300-500 US dollars. Due to the application of display screen and embedded fingerprint identification sensor, more and more mid price products of OLED display screen are used in smartphone market. OLED display is light and thin, simple in structure, with the advantages of reducing power consumption, flexible in appearance, etc. Next, counterpoint predicts that Chinese companies will also use OLED displays on some low-cost smartphones below $200.

It is expected that the market share of OLED smart phones will exceed that of LCD display products by 2023.

IHS market forecasts that the proportion of OLED smart phones will grow to 40% next year and share half of the market with LCD smart phones by 2023. Since then, the gap between OLED smart phones and LCD products will gradually widen. The annual supply of smart phones will increase to 1.6 billion by 2022 and continue to reach 1.62 billion to 1.63 billion by 2026.