November TV Panel Display & Whole Machine Price Vane (late Version)

- Nov 24, 2019-

The positive strategy of Shuang11 channel drives the supply demand of the whole machine factory, at the same time, the panel supply is relatively restrained, and the crop rate is actively controlled in order to seek the TV panel price to stop falling and stabilize, so the overall market tends to be stable in November. 

On the demand side, due to the good performance of the double 11 China TV market this year, the brand maintains confidence, with the panel price gradually bottoming out, overseas manufacturers have stronger demand for stock. Market supply and demand are expected to remain stable in December.


The performance analysis of each size is as follows: 

32 ": the price will remain flat at $32. 

39.5 ": stable overseas demand, relatively limited capacity and stable supply, prices continued to be maintained in November and December."

43 ": while supply from mainland manufacturers continues to increase, LGD supply decreases, market demand increases significantly, and prices will stabilize in November and December. 

49 ≤ 50 ": supply and demand are stable and prices will be flat. 

55 ": the effect of production reduction is gradually emerging, demand has increased during the peak season, and prices are expected to be flat in November and December.

 65 ": demand has increased significantly, with prices stable in November and expected to be maintained in December. 

Ruiwo point of view (the whole machine) is affected by the price of Shuang11 line in November, the mainstream size price of the whole machine has dropped obviously, it is expected that there will be Yuan Chun promotion in December, and the price will remain low, but slightly warmer than in November.