Present Situation Of Development Of Small And Medium Size TFT-LCD

- May 10, 2019-

Small and medium size TFT-LCD panels, usually below 5-generation TFT-LCD production line production, applications compared with larger, more widely, mainly in mobile phones, laptop computers, digital cameras, digital camcorders, PDA, car shows, MP3, game consoles and other fields, some new applications are also emerging. China is the world's largest market for small and medium size TFT-LCD products demand, including mobile terminals, entertainment shows (MP3/MP4, portable DVD, game consoles, etc), car shows, especially fast-growing industrial instrument | instrument.

For electronic products, both large size TFT-LCD screen, or small and medium size TFT-LCD screens, is one of the key display component and the mainstream position is unshakeable in the next ten or twenty years.

Small and medium size TFT-LCD is mainly used for mobile and portable electronic products. In these areas, new product styles, traditional products and constantly updated, a trend of personalization and differentiation. This diversity and mobility, both in making small and medium size LCD market needs are changing and segments. The other hand, the application field of this breadth and diversity of product portfolio and production line flexibility for manufacturers of innovative business models and achieve differentiation provide a broader space, also provides opportunities for intervention after manufacturers, but at the same time the technical and operational requirements is relatively high.

Small and medium size TFT-LCD industry in China is still at an early stage, small and medium size TFT-LCD technology and operational difficulty is not smaller than the large size TFT-LCD.

At present small and medium size TFT-LCD products market has become more and more widely used, whether laptop, home, Office Automation in production or public display.