Price Vane For TV Display In November 2019.

- Nov 07, 2019-

Chinese brands launched the fourth quarter of the National Day, and "double 11" supply, demand has recovered, while overseas brands close to the end of the peak season. From the panel side, some panel plants close the production line or plan to continue to reduce the crop rate, the relationship between supply and demand is expected to ease in the fourth quarter. Qunzhi Consulting (sigmaintell) predicted that the price of some small LCD TV panels is expected to stabilize in September, with the price of medium and large panels narrowing sharply. The performance analysis of each size is as follows: 

TV Display

1, 32 ", the price is expected to stabilize from September to September.

2, 39.5" ~ 43 ", demand is expected to gradually recover, and the price decline is expected to shrink to 1 to 2 US dollars from September to October. 

3, 49" ~ 50 "in terms of demand performance is not good, it is expected to maintain a slight downward trend from September to October. 

4, 55", demand recovery and supply, prices fell slightly by US $2 in September, and prices are expected to fall further in October. 

On the large side, the excess supply and demand continues, but is expected to narrow to $2 to $3 from September to October 65, supported by supply-side expectations and cost pressures.