Samsung Shows That It Invested 78 Billion Yuan To Build The World's First Qd Panel Production Line In Yashan.

- Oct 28, 2019-

Samsung's display (sdc) plans to invest in a total of 13.1 trillion won by 2025 (about 7.8 billion yuan) to fight the big-size panel. The plan is to transfer the large-size panel, which was originally focused on lcd, to QD oled, and to retake the height of the large-size panel industry by the technology gap. 

On October 10, sdc held a "new investment and common development and cooperation signing ceremony" in Zhongnanya Mountain, announcing a total investment of 13.1 trillion won (about 78 billion yuan) in qd panel production line and R & D by 2025. On the same day, President Wen Jae-yin, director of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Resources, Vice President Lee Jae-yong, and Lee Dong-Hoon sdc represented 150 members of the event. 

lcd display

QD display is a new display technology which combines quantum dot materials with organic and inorganic materials. SDC uses 10 trillion won (about 59.5 billion yuan) for equipment investment, 3.1 trillion won (about 18 billion yuan) for new generation panel technology research and development, and creates the world's first qd panel production line Q1. 1 in Yashan Primary Industrial Park. 

The new line will initially produce more than 65 inches of oversized qd panels with a production capacity of 30, 000 glass panels (8.5 generations) starting in 2021. For this reason, the original 8.5 generation line * was converted into qd oled line in sequence, and the production capacity was steadily increased by 2025.