Storage And Transportation.

- Aug 06, 2019-

(1) Do not leave the panel in high temperature, and high humidity for a long time. It is highly recommended to store the module with temperature from 0 to 35 ℃ and relative humidity of less than 70% 

(2) Do not store the TFT-LCD module in direct sunlight. 

(3) The module shall be stored in a dark place. When storing the modules for a long time, be sure to adopt effective measures for protecting the modules from strong ultraviolet radiation, sunlight, or fluorescent light. 

(4) It is recommended that the modules should be stored under a condition where no condensation is allowed. Formation of dewdrops may cause an abnormal operation or a failure of the module.In particular, the greatest possible care should be taken to prevent any module from being operated where condensation has occurred inside. 

(5) This panel has its circuitry FPC on the bottom side and should be handled carefully in order not to be stressed.