Summary Of Closing Of Korean Panel Factory

- Nov 07, 2019-

The LCD TV panel crashed this year and some of the size fell to the cost of the cash. In the fourth quarter of the south korean board factory, the lcd panel will be expanded and the lcd panel will be further closed and the lcd panel will be closed in the future. 

The amount of film dropped by Samsung will be reduced by 120,000 pieces, with a reduction of more than 3%, while the lgd is due to the mass production of the oled tv new factory, the output of the lcd panel is larger, and the output of the 7.5-generation plant is up to 5%. The price of the TV panel continued to fall, and the 32-year-old TV panel was down $1 in September, with a price of $32, a 55-year offer falling to $102, a further drop of $7 at $167, a $167. The 32-year-old,55-and 65-year-old TV panels all fell short of cash, and in the third quarter, it maintained a 3-5% drop in the third quarter, Let the face-and-face factory in which the loss was originally lost can't eat. In the third quarter, while it's a traditional peak season, mainland panel plants still cut production and want to cut back their inventories.