Supply Is Tight. Peng Shuanglang: Still Striving For Panel Shipments

- Nov 13, 2020-

The panel supply chain shortage problem is difficult to solve. AUO Chairman Peng Shuanglang said that the supply of IT, TV, and automotive panels is now all in short supply. In addition to full production, the inventory on hand is also used up. The company is trying to allocate production capacity to meet customer needs. In addition, the shortage of materials has also expanded, and IC supply is tight. Peng Shuanglang asked suppliers to support the shipment, because IT panels involve work and education, and meeting demand is tantamount to "charity."

The epidemic in Europe and the United States has resumed, and the momentum of IT panel pulling is stronger, and the gap in the panel supply chain has further expanded. Peng Shuanglang said that because of the housing economy, the demand for 3C products is strong, and these products need display panels. Almost all applications are in short supply, and among them, IT panels are the most critical. In the past, computers at home were dispensable, but now they are a necessary tool for work and school and become a hard demand. In addition, many car factories closed in the first half of the year and now they resume production. However, the previous production capacity has been used to produce IT panels and TV panels. Now the demand for car panels has increased, but the demand for IT panels has become stronger and the production capacity cannot be obtained.

Not only panels, but also upstream materials are tight, especially semiconductor production capacity is limited, including driver IC, touch IC and power management IC supply can not meet the demand. Peng Shuanglang said that the suppliers have been partners for more than ten years and will give priority to the supply, and now they are fighting to get more people to work and go to school, and raise the level to do charity.

The US presidential election ended. Peng Shuanglang believes that the long-term Sino-US trade war will remain unchanged, but Biden may not be so aggressive, and the pace of the overall supply chain global layout will not be affected. Biden supports green energy issues in policy, and AUO has also made a deep layout in this area in the past, launching low-wattage panels, and also has a solar business.

Looking forward to 2021, Peng Shuanglang said that AUO will still focus on high-end panels and energy-saving development in the panel industry. Another focus is to continue to develop the field economy, including smart education, smart healthcare, smart retail, and smart transportation. Take smart transportation as an example. Transportation is a huge system, including stations, vehicles and signs. AUO focuses on vehicles. AUO has achieved good results in general automobiles. It is currently the leader in the center console panel market. Next, it will expand into commercial vehicles, such as excavators, agricultural machinery, logistics vehicles, etc., and not only panels, but integration Software and hardware solutions.