Taiwan Panel Factory Group Chuang Au Announced In February Revenue: Au Monthly Growth Of 14.2 Percent Chuang Back

- Mar 12, 2020-

Panel double tiger February revenue came out, because the international brand customer pull goods increase, February shipment rebound, self-combination and revenue of 17.69 billion yuan, up 14.2 percent month, but down 14.9 percent year.Qunchuang saw a drop in shipments in February due to a drop in orders from Chinese brand customers. Qunchuang's self-binding revenue was 14.132 billion yuan, down 14.8 percent from the previous month and 22.1 percent from the same period last year.

Au and innolux reported revenue in February

TV display panel prices rose in February, IT panel also stopped falling, with the growth of shipments, display panel factory revenue in February than January rebound significantly.In terms of several major sizes, the 39.5 "/ 43-inch display panel saw a 5 to 7 percent increase in February, and the 50-inch display panel saw a nearly 5 percent increase, while the 55-inch panel surged more than 10 percent in February due to the closure of an 8.5 generation plant and a reduction in supply. The 65-inch display panel also rose more than 3 percent.

In addition to surging display panel prices, shipments also increased, and au's self-binding revenue in February was 17.69 billion yuan, up 14.2 percent from the previous month and down 14.9 percent from a year earlier.In February, the overall large-size display panel shipments exceeded 7.55 million, up 23.2% from January, while the small-size panel shipments were about 9.08 million, up 5.3% from January.During the Spring Festival, au maintained production in mainland China and did not shut down, so it was less affected.

Au previously said the meeting estimates, the first quarter of large panel shipments quarter down 5 percent, the average unit price increased 5 percent, small and medium-sized panel shipments down 15 percent, and the capacity utilization rate will be slightly higher than the fourth quarter of last year.

Qunchuang's mainland plant was affected by the delayed start of construction, and its self-integration revenue in February was 14.132 billion yuan, down 14.8 percent from the previous month and 22.1 percent from the same period last year.Shipments of large-sized display panels totaled 6.59 million units in February, down 25.8% from the previous month, while combined shipments of small and medium-sized display panels totaled 13.9 million units, down 35.8% from the previous month.Despite the drop in shipments, display panel prices rose, making the decline in revenue smaller than the decline in shipments.

Group said, as the fourth quarter of last year the company actively to the inventory, and affected by the new Coronaviruses cause China Spring Festival delay, estimated in the first quarter panel shipments compared to last season will be reduced, medium size panel shipments will be reduced by 15% ~ 19%, February panel prices rebound, but large size panel in the first quarter average price estimate slightly increased 1% ~ 5%, the medium and small size display panel prices will rebound 5%.