TCL Brings A Variety Of New Black Technology Products To UDE2020

- Jul 09, 2020-

"TCL unveils new black technology products at UDE2020"

From July 31 to August 2, 2020, the 2nd International Display Expo (UDE2020) and Future Life Expo (iLife2020) co-hosted by the China Electronics Video Industry Association and Shanghai Shunlian Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd. will be held at Shanghai New International The Expo Center was grandly held. At this event, TCL confirmed its participation in the exhibition and will collectively present a series of new smart technology products under the umbrella of TCL Industries and TCL Huaxing Optoelectronics. With the theme of "Making Life Intelligent", TCL will be shown to global consumers as a global power brand in smart technology, Especially the innovative strength in new display technologies, materials and applications.

Precise layout, build the world's leading technology company

Since the establishment of Huaxing Optoelectronics in 2009, TCL has begun its layout in the field of semiconductor display and materials-based technology. Facing the situation of “lack of cores and few screens” in China at that time, TCL invested 24.5 billion yuan to independently build the TCL Huaxing project and became one of the leading companies to reverse the unfavorable situation.

At present, TCL Huaxing has built and is currently building 6 production lines, including t1, t2, t3, t4, t6, and t7 projects, with a total investment of nearly 200 billion yuan, forming a competitive advantage in the field of LCD panels. There are two panel module production bases under construction and under construction, including Huizhou and India. In the past ten years, TCL Huaxing has been catching up and leading. In the semiconductor display industry, it has established technological innovation advantages in multiple fields, ranks among the top in the global TV panel industry, and has become a leader in the global display panel field.

TCL Huaxing has been at the forefront of the industry in the research and development and application of new technologies such as Mini-LED, printed display, flexible display, ultra-high-definition 8K display, QLED and other technologies. This time, TCL Huaxing and TCL Industries collaborated efficiently and brought a variety of black technology products to UDE2020 to show TCL Huaxing's powerful innovation strength to the global audience in an all-round way.

Technology or product that has been unveiled


Mini-LED backlight technology is an innovative breakthrough in the original LCD backlight technology, and the promotion of the application of the head manufacturers on the application side is conducive to the excavation of consumer demand and improve the overall output value of the display industry.

In August last year, TCL Huaxing, a subsidiary of TCL Technology, launched the world’s first MLED Xingyao product based on Mini-LED on TFT. It is the world’s first a-Si driven Mini-LED array product and made breakthrough progress in the field of Mini-LED technology. TCL currently has mass production capabilities, the specific mass production time needs to be combined with the terminal manufacturer's plan.

2. Mini-LED

As an important branch of next-generation display technology, Micro-LED currently has a major difficulty in mass transfer technology. TCL Technology has also collaborated with Sanan to focus on the solution to this technical difficulty, while advancing research and development, detection and repair of LED chips, color Technology collaboration in areas such as chemical technology.

AM Micro-LED

TCL Technology believes that Micro-LED is one of the possible development paths in the next generation of new display technology.

3. Fully suspended screen

The full suspension screen is a forward-looking design exploration for the future development of display technology. The full suspension design used in the product is a direction for the future development of display technology.

The thickness of the whole machine of this product is less than 6 mm, and the new minimalist mechanism design makes the fuselage light and feathery. The metal body is integrally formed, breaking through the limitations of the traditional body, without splicing, screws, or buckles, and the appearance of the body is neat and simple.

The 100% screen-to-body ratio is a way to pursue the ultimate product. The larger screen-to-body ratio has a stronger visual impact, so that the scene of "only being in this mountain" can be displayed in life. The realization of the full screen benefited from the innovation of TCL Huaxing Open Cell technology-the development of diaphragm-O/C integration technology. In addition to the highlight of the full screen, this product also adopts a floor-to-back design to enhance the positioning of the TV again. It is not only a TV, but also gives TV a function as a living room art. The modern home is perfectly integrated.

4. Light field display

The 43-inch light field display system launched by TCL Huaxing combines high-precision real-time human eye tracking function, high-resolution light field pictures and videos, monocular visual effects (a stereoscopic effect can also be viewed with one eye), real-time motion parallax adjustment, Technologies such as interactive floating touch functions provide a richer display experience.

5. High-precision inkjet printing display

Printed OLED display technology is a new type of display technology that combines the printing process with OLED display. Compared with traditional evaporation technology, it does not require FMM (fine metal mask), has a simple device structure, high material utilization rate, large area, Advantages such as low cost and flexibility are important development directions for future display.

On January 7th, at the CES exhibition in the United States, Guangdong Juhua and TCL Huaxing jointly created the world's first 31-inch inkjet printing rollable flexible prototype for the first time. The prototype is 31 inches in size, driven by an oxide TFT backplane, with a top-emitting device structure, with an aperture ratio of more than 50%, a white field brightness of 200nits, and a DCI-P3 color gamut of 90% (without color filter) , The world's first rollable flexible OLED prototype based on printing technology. This 31-inch inkjet printing rollable flexible OLED display prototype was officially unveiled, and the charm of the combination of large-area printed OLED display and flexible technology was brought into full play.

Through the development of prototypes, Guangdong Juhua and TCL Huaxing Optoelectronics are gradually overcoming the technical difficulties of flexible backplane technology, high-precision inkjet printing Mura-free technology, flexible packaging technology and rollable flexible mechanism, etc. Laying the foundation for mass production of flexible OLED display technology provides more new application scenarios for future large-size display products.

6. Flexible folding display & small and medium size display

As early as 2017, TCL Huaxing invested 35 billion yuan to build a 6th generation flexible LTPS-AMOLED display panel production line (referred to as the t4 project) in Wuhan. This project is the first domestic display panel production line that focuses on folding screens and is also TCL Huaxing. A landmark project towards the era of flexible folding.

7. 8K Ultra HD display

The ultra-high-definition display screen laid out by TCL Huaxing is one of the commanding heights of the display industry competition. Last year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the State Administration of Radio and Television, and the Central Radio and Television Station issued the "Ultra HD Video Industry Development Action Plan (2019-2022)." According to the action plan, in 2022, the overall size of my country's ultra-high-definition video industry exceeded 4 trillion yuan, the 4K industry ecosystem was basically perfect, and 8K key technology product development and industrialization achieved breakthroughs, forming a group of internationally competitive enterprises. The TCL Huaxing t7 project will be put into production by the end of 2020, and it will further supplement the market of 8K ultra-high-definition advanced products in mainland China.

TCL China Star currently has a 75-inch, 8K 120Hz ultra-high resolution and high refresh frequency display device, which can bring a rather smooth viewing and gaming experience; in addition, the 65-inch 8K 60Hz 8K display product should be one of the future TCL A low-cost 8K solution.

8. Quantum dot display

With the advent of the Internet of Things, TVs have gradually become the entrance to the home AIoT device center, and the public's functions and demands for TVs have become more and more. At this time, higher requirements are placed on the display technology. QLED technology has excellent contrast and brightness, a wider color gamut, and like quantum dot display materials, it has lower power consumption, non-toxic and environmental protection, and is used by TVs. Longer life and other advantages. QLED is the most suitable display technology for large-screen TVs, which has also become the most advanced solution for large-screen displays in the entire global industry. The combination of QLED technology and 8K high-resolution technology brings users a leaping audio-visual experience, and brings the industry a new exploration of innovative technologies.

9. Commercial display

TCL Huaxing deeply explores the pain points of the industry and fully empowers application scenarios such as smart education, smart retail, and ultra-speed e-sports. Behind these application scenarios, the main reason is that the commercial display market has a strong scenario. For example, the educational scene supports the commercial display 30% of the time. In the future, smart retail AI self-service is expected to become a key incremental point for the commercial display industry.

10. Gaming display

In 2020, the screen has been covered from mobile phones, monitors, and TVs to all aspects of our lives. The screen market is getting bigger and bigger. With deep technical reserves, TCL Huaxing will carry a variety of innovative technologies into more products.

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