TCL Huaxing R1000 Gaming Screen Mass Production Speed Breaks Industry Record

- Jul 27, 2020-

In June of this year, TCL China Star Commercial Display MNT 27-inch QHD R1000 products made an important breakthrough and successfully shipped to Samsung. The product is equipped with 27-inch QHD resolution and 165Hz refresh rate, positioning high-end models, R1000 super curvature is the main technical highlight of this product.


At present, R1500 curvature is the mainstream surface product, and R1000 curvature is a higher technical strategic point. Today, TCL Huaxing has won this strategic point. The R1000 curvature product takes a total of 2 months from verification to mass production, which is the industry's fastest mass production speed of R1000 products.


1. No curved surface, no flagship


With the rapid development of the panel industry, in order to enhance users' sense of immersion and presence when watching the screen, and make it easier to feel covered, curved display has become an important design method.


With the increasing demand for display panels from users, in order to improve the user experience such as the immersion of three-dimensional effects and the sense of reality of images, and to increase the screen ratio of display devices, curved display panels and curved display devices have gradually become display technologies. An important direction for the development of the field.


Compared with flat screens, the appeal of curved screens to e-sports players mainly comes from three aspects: wide viewing angles, immersive experience and alleviating eye fatigue. A curved display is a display device with a curved panel, which improves the user’s visual experience. The curved display gives a wider field of vision, because the slightly curved edge towards the user can be closer to the user, which is basically the same as the central position of the screen. At the same time, the curved screen can make people experience better viewing effects.


Compared with the common R1500 curvature gaming display on the market, the R1000 ultra-curvature 27-inch QHD display launched by TCL Huaxing is more in line with the curvature of the human eye, and the visual experience is more immersive. It can provide better in playing games and watching movies. The look and feel comfort.


2. Overcome the technical problems of curved surfaces


It is precisely to see the rapid growth of curved screen gaming displays that TCL Huaxing launched the R1000 super-curvature display. During the product development process, TCL Huaxing encountered several technical problems. First, the greater the curvature, the higher the requirements for the bending strength of the glass, and the greater the yield challenge. Second, the greater the curvature, the greater the impact on the screen's picture quality, making adjustment more difficult.


Compared with the current mainstream surface products of R1500, the R1000 (the smaller the number, the higher the degree of curvature) that TCL China Star launched this time, the degree of curvature is greater. Therefore, it is necessary to propose a powerful solution to improve the reliability of surface display.


In order to improve the yield of R1000 super-curvature products and ensure the longevity and quality of R1000 products, TCL Huaxing has integrated a variety of ways to solve this problem. First, improve the strength of the glass, optimize the process to reduce any damage to the glass, and avoid the decrease in the strength of the glass due to damage. Secondly, the glass structure is optimized through the manufacturing process, the toughness and strength are improved, and the life span is greatly increased. Thirdly, supplemented by optimized backlight design, the bending stress of the glass is evenly balanced, and the pulling and squeezing of the glass is reduced.


Due to the curved design, the difference between the inner and outer diameters of the upper and lower substrates of the glass causes the liquid crystal alignment to be misaligned, resulting in abnormal pixel display. Theoretically, the smaller the glass curvature, the more obvious the pretilt angle dislocation, and the more obvious the abnormality of the pixel display. For example, the same film and the same inspection, R1000 display abnormalities are more serious than R1500.


In order to avoid the occurrence of abnormal display after the LCD panel is bent, for the abnormal display of the R1000 pixel, TCL Huaxing will match the curvature of the alignment film to the curvature of the R1000 to overcome the curvature difference between the upper and lower substrates, and pass the reliability and mass production verification to meet Customer's requirements on image quality.


After improving the glass strength and optimizing the pixel design, the life and yield rate of R1000 products have been greatly improved. TCL Huaxing, which has always adhered to independent innovation, once again ran out of the industry speed, and successfully won the higher technical strategy of R1000 curvature in two months. Point.