TCL Wang Cheng Decodes The Way To Break The Game, New Infrastructure Will Empower To Show Change

- Aug 05, 2020-

On July 31st, many cutting-edge display technologies and technology products were gathered. The 2020 International Display Expo (UDE2020) and Future Life Expo (iLife2020) with the theme of "viewing the world on screen, enjoying life smartly" will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center . On the day before the curtain was opened, leading corporate leaders from global upstream materials, equipment, midstream devices to downstream terminals, applications and content services gathered at the UDE Main Forum 2020 Global Intelligent Display Leadership Summit and the 56th CRC 2020 Color TV Industry Research At the press conference and delivered a speech, TCL Industrial CEO Wang Cheng took "Smart Display-New Opportunities in the 5G Era" as the theme, and explained in depth the comprehensive smart upgrade of the display industry under the wave of 5G construction, and the high-quality display, real-time interaction, Wisdom perception and other fields usher in new market development opportunities.


Wisdom shows that China has changed from a chaser to a leader in the future

In 2020, the country launched a trillion-scale "new infrastructure" project, which provides unprecedented opportunities for the development of the terminal industry. Especially with the continuous interaction and integration of 5G, AI, IoT, cloud computing, OTT, ultra-high-definition and other technologies, the connection of all things in the world will converge on smarter screens, which can better realize people and screens, screens and screens. The connection between screens, screens and smart devices has changed the economic development pattern and people's lifestyles.

TCL is the first domestic enterprise to establish the advantages of "LCD panel-backlight module-complete machine" vertical industrial chain integration. TCL Huaxing has been at the forefront of the industry in the development and application of Mini-LED, printed display, flexible display, ultra-high-definition 8K display, QLED, and other new technologies. Mastering the core technology makes the supply of TCL core components no longer restricted by others.

Wang Cheng believes that the wisdom of the 5G era shows three characteristics:

1. Information upgrade, massive high-quality display. With more and more applications of 5G technology, audio and video content will see rapid development in terms of quantity, quality and capacity, and the 4K/8K ultra-high-definition video industry will also usher in new development opportunities. According to the goal of the "Ultra HD Video Industry Development Action Plan (2019-2022)", by 2022, my country's UHD video users are expected to reach 200 million, and the overall scale of the UHD video industry will reach 4 trillion. As the first director of the "8K Ultra HD Working Committee", Wang Cheng stated that "5G+8K" will also become an important engine for the future business growth of the color TV industry. TCL will leverage its differentiated competitive advantages in this field to play a leading role in leading 8K in China The development of Ultra HD will enhance the international competitiveness of China's display industry.

In the 5G field, TCL Electronics' acquisition of TCL Communication has made up for its weakness in the 5G field and accelerated the company's pace of innovation and research and development. At present, TCL has applied for more than one hundred 5G technology patents, and has established special 5G R&D laboratories in China and France to fully promote the application of 5G. In the 8K field, TCL Huaxing Optoelectronics, an upstream LCD panel manufacturer, has inherent advantages in 4K and 8K LCD panels. Its 8K TVs can be equipped with 5G modules.

2. Real-time precise interaction, immersive experience. With the advent of the Internet of Everything era based on 5G, AI, big data and other technologies, displays will become ubiquitous. It also puts forward more requirements for the display form. TCL has established itself after years of innovation in the display technology field. The competitive innovation matrix has launched innovative display products including the easily drawn “cloud scroll screen”, the “tri-fold screen” with various shapes, and the inkjet printing OLED manufacturing process that represents the next generation of display technology. The constraints of the fixed form of traditional screens have created more new interaction experiences between people and things, and will also open up more brand-new smart scenarios, bringing brand-new changes to people's lives.

3. In a smart space with smart display as its core, "one screen connects everything" will become a reality. Whether it is indoor smart spaces such as teaching interaction, conference collaboration, medical diagnosis, game competition, fitness and entertainment, or outdoor smart displays such as municipal transportation, park monitoring, and commercial advertising, more and more smart "screens" will play a more important key role , The smart display market will also usher in huge market opportunities. To this end, TCL has integrated related internal businesses, from whole-house appliances to personal ecological products, to pan-smart devices, and to smart solutions such as T-LODGE and T-Park, which are gradually covering all aspects of consumers’ lives and forming TCL has a strong intelligent terminal business group, and plans to launch corresponding products and services, fully integrate into various application scenarios, and create a business model of "smart terminals + software systems + application scenarios".


In addition, in order to dig deeper into the application of smart display in smart scenarios, TCL has also established the Eagle Lab. The source of its research and development comes from TCL’s 4 technical centers around the world, 28 research and development institutions, and more than 200 large Data cloud platform and cloud platform team, AI algorithm team with more than 400 people, focusing on technology research and development and product innovation applications such as AI, IoT and cloud services, providing display-centric technology products and solutions for the whole house, and promoting the AIxIoT strategy The whole category of landing.

?UDE2020 cross-border cooperation, TCL play a different big screen experience

The TCL exhibition area at UDE&iLife 2020 is also worth looking forward to. It is reported that TCL uses "Making Life Intelligent" as the theme to show global consumers TCL as a globalized brand in smart technology, display technology and scene applications. Innovative strength, with a total exhibition area of 720 square meters (Booth E1-A33), it is the largest exhibitor.


To love to the extreme is to understand you. TCL brought visitors in the product exhibition area "the big-screen audio and picture expert who understands you", "understand your super-speed refrigeration machine", "understand your classification and care expert", and "understand you". "Smart Soft Wind System" and other popular products in several categories, including its heavyweight quantum dot TV C8 Zhizhen QLED TV and X10 8K QLED TV and other 2020 new products, bring the future life that many people yearn for to your side.

In addition, to let everyone more truly experience the shocking experience brought by the big screen, TCL will also cross-border with Tencent Games, Xishanju Games, and Perfect World Games' three major head game IPs to host multiple episodes of games, audiovisual, social networking, etc. The fun activities that combine multiple entertainments are really exciting!

2020 is the year of smart display of opportunities, 5G empowerment, unlimited imagination. Riding the wind and waves, TCL actively promotes the development and application of cutting-edge technologies, focusing on 5G, AI, big data, new semiconductor display technologies and materials, smart manufacturing, and industrial Internet for strategic layout, continuously enhancing its own strength and global competitiveness, and leading the industry.