TFT-LCD Current Technical Level

- Aug 20, 2020-

The current state of the technical level of TFT-LCD has reached

(1) Both horizontal and vertical angles reach 170 degrees;

(2) The display brightness reaches 500 nits, and the contrast ratio is 500:1;

(3) The life span exceeds 30,000 hours;

(4) Field sequential full color (FSFC) technology began to be applied in industrial production;

(5) Large-screen thin-film transistor liquid crystal display color TV (TFT-LC TV) has begun to enter large-scale industrial production, and the picture quality of TFT-LCTV has reached or even exceeded CRT. For example, the resolution of 28-inch TFT LC TV is 1920× 1200, both horizontal and vertical viewing angles are 170 degrees; 38-inch TFT LC TV has been successfully developed; 40-inch TFT-LCD has also been successfully developed;

(6) Large-area low-temperature polysilicon TFT-LCD has been successfully developed and put into industrial production, and self-scanning LCD of amorphous silicon TFT has been commercialized;

(7) Reflective TFT-LCD color displays began to be commercialized. For example, a 5.8-inch reflective display with a resolution of 400×234 and a 16:9 screen has a reflectivity of 30%, a response speed of 30ms, and a power consumption of 0.15 watts.

(8) The large-screen production line for 730×920mm substrates has been successfully developed, and the large-screen production line for larger substrates is under construction.

(9) TFT-LCD with plastic substrates began to commercialize. There are 5 varieties of plastic substrate products in Japan.

(10) Backlights and inverters, although reflective LCDs are actively being developed, transmissive TFT-LCDs using backlights remain mainstream products for a long time. The backlight is an important accessory. Germany has developed a flat-panel fluorescent lamp backlight for LCD modules with a brightness of 5000-7000cd/m2 and a lifespan of 100,000 hours. Some new self-heating backlight sources can work normally in the range of -40°C to 85°C. OEL backlights and high-brightness LED backlights have been successfully developed and started to be used in TFT-LCD and Linfinity.

Microelectrunies invented a cold cathode backlight long-life inverter with a light source modulation range of 500:1.