TFT LCD Modules Use Matters Needing Attention

- Jul 03, 2019-

TFT LCD modules(TFT LCD panel) use matters needing attention:
1, when using the TFT LCD module design products, pay attention to the angle of the LCD product use is consistent with the design.
2, the prevention of damage LCD glass, dropped or hit with a hard object will cause the LCD is cracked or shattered. Especially at the corners.
3 inhibition, LCD polarizer reflective surfaces, being careful not to scratch the surface, featured on the TFT LCD screen surface is made of transparent plastic material protection.
4, if the LCD module storage below the below the set temperature, liquid crystal material condenses and performance deterioration. If LCD modules stored in the above required temperature, liquid crystal molecular orientation can be transformed into liquid, it may not be restored to its original state. Beyond the range of temperature and humidity, it will cause the polarizer peeling or blistering. Therefore, LCD modules should be stored at a specified temperature range.