TFT LCD Screen Works

- May 16, 2019-

We talk about principle TFT, TFT is "Thin Film Transistor" abbreviation, generally refers thin film liquid crystal displays, and actually refers to thin-film transistors (matrix)-can be "active" to control individual pixels on the screen, this is the so-called active-matrix TFT (active matrix TFT) came to be. How on earth did the image come about? Basic principle is simple: screen many pixels can make any color of light, and as long as control the color of each pixel display can achieve their goals. Generally used in the TFT LCD backlight technology, for precise control over each pixel color and brightness will need to be installed after each pixel a shutter-like switch, when "shutter open" light can come through, and "Shutter" turn off the light after it was unable to come through. Of course, technically is actually not as simple as just said to implement. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is to use the properties of the liquid crystal (for liquid when heated, crystalline solid when cooled), the LCD has three forms:

Clay-like layer (Smectic) LCD
Similar fine matchsticks of filiform (Nematic) LCD
Similar to cholesterol (Cholestic) LCD
According to the principle TFT and LCD monitors are filamentous, when changes in the external environment will also change its molecular structure, which has different physical properties – you'll reach for light or stop light of purpose--that is, just like Venetian blinds.

You know the three primary colors, so screen each pixel needs three similar described above constitute the basic components, controls three colors red, green, and blue, respectively.

Currently the most common use of twisted nematic TFT liquid crystal display (Twisted Nematic TFT LCD), the following diagram explains the working principle of this TFT monitor. Existing technologies vary widely, we will detail in other articles.

In upper and lower grooves on both layers, of which the upper Groove is vertical, while the lower level is arranged in horizontal. While the lower level is arranged in horizontal. When the applied voltage liquid crystal in a natural state, from the glowing Figure 2a twisted nematic TFT monitors schematic diagrams layer spread over the light through sandwich after, 90-degree twist can occur, which can lower a smooth flow.

After a voltage between the two layers, it generates an electric field LCD are arranged vertically, so the light would not reverse-the result is that the light cannot be passed down.