The Classification And Principle Of LCD

- May 21, 2019-


1STN LCD screen

 STN is an abbreviation for "Super Teisted Nematic",It belongs to passive passive matrix LCD, almost all black and white screen LCD screen is this kind of material. Color STN LCD screen is a monochromatic STN LCD screen based on a color filter, and each pixel in the monochromatic display matrix is divided into three sub pixels, and three colors of red, green and blue are displayed by color filters to achieve color images. Because of the limitation of technology, the highest STN LCD screen is only 65536 colors, and most of them are 4096 color STN products on the market, so STN is also called "fake color".



2, GF LCD screen

  GF is the abbreviation of "Glass Fine Color", maybe everyone is more strange to the GF LCD screen, because GF LCD screen digital products are very small on the market. In fact, GF belongs to a kind of STN. The main feature of GF is that the brightness is improved on the premise of low power consumption, but the GF LCD screen is somewhat colored.



 TFT is the abbreviation of "Thin Film Transistor", also known as "true color". It belongs to the active matrix LCD screen. It is a screen composed of thin film transistors. Each pixel point of its liquid crystal is driven by a thin film transistor. Each pixel has four independent thin film transistors driving the color light after each pixel. It can display the true color of 24bit color deep. In terms of resolution, the maximum TFT LCD can reach UXGA (1600 x 1200).


 The arrangement of TFT has memory, so the current will not be restored immediately after the current is disappearing, thus improving the flicker and blur of the STN LCD screen, effectively improving the effect of the display of the dynamic picture on the LCD screen, and the ability to display the static picture more prominently, and the Dragon Point of the TFT liquid crystal screen is shorter than the response time. And colorful, so it is widely used in notebook computers and DV, DC. The drawback of TFT LCD is that it costs more electricity and costs more.


4, TFD LCD screen

   TFD is the abbreviation of "Thin Film Diode", because TFT LCD screen consumption is high, and the cost is high, thus greatly increasing the cost of product, so EPSON specially developed TFD technology for mobile phone screen. It also belongs to the active matrix LCD screen, every pixel on LCD is equipped with a single diode. Each pixel is controlled individually so that each pixel does not interact with each other. This can obviously improve the resolution, and can display dynamic pictures and colorful colors without trailing.

In terms of performance, the TFD LCD screen has the advantages of TFT LCD screen and STN LCD screen. The TFD LCD screen is more bright than the STN LCD screen, and the color is brighter. At the same time, the LCD screen is more electricity saving than the TFT LCD screen, but the color and brightness are still less than the TFT LCD screen.