The Difference Between RGBW And RGB In The Notebook Display Panel

- Apr 15, 2020-


Speaking of the high-resolution screen of the notebook display, it must be said that the Retina panel used on the 2012 MacBook Pro and the Zenbook launched by Asus also used the FHD display. Since then, notebook manufacturers around the world have moved toward high-resolution screens, including Dell ’s flagship models such as XPS, Alienware, Lenovo Yoga, HP Spectre, Acer Aspire, and Asus ZenBook Pro, which all use 3K or even 4K screens.


However, the general manufacturers only promote 4K UHD, but never mention whether the panel uses RGBW or RGB arrangement. This is not to discuss the difference between FHD and UHD, but to clarify the objective difference between the RGBW and RGB arrangement of the 4K panel, and which notebooks Real 4K panel is used.


The difference between RGBW and RGB in the notebook panel


The difference between RGB arrangement and RGBW arrangement


In the standard 4K UHD RGB arrangement, each line has 3840 pixels, and each pixel has 3 independent R, G, and B sub-pixels, so the total number of sub-pixels is 3840 * 3 = 11520. In the RGBW arrangement, each pixel has four sub-pixels: R, G, B, and W. After introducing the W sub-pixel, there are only 3840 * (3/4) = 2880 pixels left in the R, G, and B pixels. Say this belongs to 2.8K instead of 4K.


There are two problems when using RGBW. First of all, if RGBW selects three consecutive sub-pixels as a group (WRG, BWR, GBW, RGB), then three of every four groups of pixels are missing key sub-pixels (the first three The group is just), so the color reproduction is not as good as RGB arrangement. Secondly, almost all video sources are required to be output to the display in RGB mode. If converted to RGBW, it will be distorted. In order to show the full color range in the RGBW panel, each pixel will contain four subpixels, so each row of pixels It will become the 2880 mentioned above, which is 2.8K.


Since the PPI of 4K notebooks is higher than that of 4K TVs, it is more difficult for users to notice the differences between 4K notebooks. Compared with RGBW, the image quality of RGB panel will be better. The notebook screen of the RGBW panel with W sub-pixels is obviously inferior to the RGB panel.


4K RGB is better than 4K RGBW. Most notebooks on the market that use RGBW panels are produced by Samsung or LG. It is reported that OEM manufacturers have acknowledged the shortcomings of RGBW. For example, HP ’s first-generation Spectre x350 15 used RGBW panels, but the user feedback experience was too poor. By the second generation, it has not used RGBW panels. Gigabyte also conducted internal testing. It was found that the RGBW panel is not as good as the RGB panel, and the Aorus notebooks introduced later did not use the RGBW arranged panel.