The Impact Of The Coronavirus On The Panel Industry: A Crisis And A Turnaround

- Mar 23, 2020-

Coronavirus affects the global economy. Although it is a crisis, it also brings business opportunities. It is unclear how much Coronavirus has caused the global economy. The spread of the epidemic will be longer and wider than expected, and it will affect the global society and industry. In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, people try to avoid going out, and the house economy has brought about a turn for the panel industry.


The medical and education market has strong demand:

Because the epidemic has changed work, study, and lifestyle, the epidemic has also caused many schools to suspend classes and adopt online teaching models to allow the demand for electronic media (such as mobile phones and tablets) to flourish and ignite business opportunities in the home economy. In addition, increased medical demand has also driven up orders.


Epidemic stimulates demand for TV purchases:

In terms of television, because the overall sales were very good at the end of last year, and the inventory was not high, there is still a need to replenish inventory, and many people are locked up at home and also buy televisions, which may have a stimulating effect on global television demand.


Demand for automotive panels likely to decline

It is clear that the negative impact is on automobiles. In February, the sales of Continental cars were only 1/10, and the automobile industry chain was long. Previously, the closure of Continental car factories and the recent closure of European car factories will affect the demand for components.


From different perspectives, there were two black swans last year. One was that Britain wanted to leave the European Union. The market was worried about the disintegration of the European Union. It was not expected that this year, the epidemic would spread globally, and countries within the European Union would lock up their countries and impact the European Union. Another change is in the panel industry. Last year, the most heated discussion in the Sino-US trade war was "requesting that the Chinese government can no longer subsidize". Because the expansion of Chinese panel factories in the past was mainly based on subsidies, the Taiwanese region expected the mainland government to reduce subsidies to the panel industry. They predicted that after the mainland government reduced subsidies, the industrial order would be better.