The LCD Display Panel Industry Has A Great Interest: The Panel Is Down, And The Fastest In February Next Year

- Dec 13, 2019-

Trendforce Optoelectronic Research (witsview), a research firm, recently announced its latest panel offer in December, and prices began to stop falling across the board. Market expectations, prices are expected to continue into the first quarter of next year, the fastest second quarter to recover. 


LCD Panel quotation came out in February, TV panel prices for two months in a row to hold steady, witsview research department deputy director Qiu Yubin said double 11, black Friday sales are good, expected TV panel steady trend will continue into the first quarter. Driven by new aircraft supplies and big sports events such as the Olympics, TV panels are expected to rebound in prices in February.

 TV panel prices plummeted in the third quarter, 32 inches, 55 inches and other sizes of TV panels fell below the cost of cash, but also accelerated the bottom of panel prices, TV panel prices stopped falling in November and remained stable in December. In terms of several sizes, the 32-inch panel is quoted for about $32, which is also the first one-inch $1 size. The average price of the 43-inch panel is about $67, and the average price of the 55-inch panel is about $101.