The LCD Panel Industry Knockout Stage Continues, Especially The Small And Medium-sized Panels Lift Off The Tide.

- Nov 15, 2019-

Huaying recently announced liquidation, Japanese panel factory jdi must also rely on foreign aid for survival, even South Korean panel factory LGD can not afford to lose money, deliberately fade out of the small and medium-sized panel business. Small and medium-sized panel market concentration increased, only Samsung and Jingdong, Tianma dominates the market. 

Mainland ltps panel, amoled panel capacity opened a large number, and the smartphone market into the plateau period, brand market concentration increased, panel factory bargaining power decreased, resulting in the price of small and medium-sized panels plummeted last year. 

The price of mobile panels fell more than 20 percent last year, and in the first half of this year there was still a double-digit decline. Small and medium-sized panel factories were unable to lose money for a long time, and this year there was a wave of exit. Huaying broke out the financial crisis at the end of last year, although the request for reorganization, but because of poor physique, the long-term development prospects are difficult to reverse, the reorganization was rejected by the court, and finally declared bankruptcy, embarked on the path of liquidation, and became the first panel factory to withdraw from the market. 

JDI customers are concentrated in Apple, but in the past two years Apple Pipa farewell, the flagship machine switched to the amoled panel, so that years of loss-making jdi can not survive, looking for external funds to pump .jdi assets of 410.5 billion yen, total debt of 487.7 billion yen, is already insolvent, but fortunately the Bank of Japan extended the financing limit for jdi until the end of this year, so that jdi can breathe. However, after tpk-ky Chen Hong announced his withdrawal from the jdi investment case, it is worth observing whether the external funds can be rescued in real time. 

Lgd has always been Apple's main panel supplier, but Apple's switch to amoled, plus amoled panel investment of hundreds of billions of yuan also overwhelmed the lgd, which expanded its losses in the first half of this year, not only causing a major internal personnel earthquake, but also decided to fade out of small and medium-sized panels and Apple's supply chain. However, the global smartphone market, which has more than 1.3 billion smartphones a year, has always been a leader in small and medium-sized panel technology, and the advanced panel technology has always been the first to be used in smartphone panels. From the past ltps panel, and even the rapid rise of amoled panel in the past two years, all of them are introduced into high-order smartphone applications, then into middle-order mobile phones, and then extended to high-order pen power, high-order tablet computers and on-board display applications. The withdrawal of a number of panel factories from the mobile panel market will affect the investment of high-order panel technology, as well as the operation of other small and medium-sized panel application markets.