The Price Of The Liquid Crystal Panel In October 2019 (TV/MONITOR/NOTICE)

- Nov 04, 2019-

Tv panel: 

32-inch panel, priced at about $33 in October, falling below $35 in cash cost, flat in October and November. 

39.5 inch to 43 inch panel, gradually become the mainstream size, with a certain demand support, 39.5 inches to stop falling stable, the offer remained at $61, 43 inch panel average price of about $66, October, November price fell slightly by $1. 

The 49-inch, 50-inch panel, which shrank to $1 in October, is expected to stop falling in November, offering about $85 to $87. Demand for the 55-inch panel recovered, while supply continued to cut production. Prices stopped falling in October to $101, and prices are expected to remain stable in November. 

65-inch panel, peak season supply demand burst, inventory pressure eased, October prices stopped falling, quoted about $169, prices are expected to remain stable in November. 

The Price Of The Liquid Crystal Panel

Monitor panel:

 The third quarter peak season is not strong, panel demand has fallen sharply from the same period last year, so the panel industry to the fourth quarter market performance expectations. From the market performance, there are some favorable factors are expected to pull the shipment, at present, the domestic "Anke" project continues, es8.0 demand begins to switch, some brands pull goods ahead of time to avoid the impact of tariff increases, at the same time, there are many new products on the market in the fourth quarter, the growth of subdivision areas is promising. From the supply point of view, the fourth quarter large size capacity significantly reduced, it capacity supply is more stable. 

The main dimension analysis is as follows:

1, 21.5 "The change is a boost to the overall decadent of the small size, and it is expected that the average price of the module is down by $0.2 in October and it is expected to continue to decline by $0.2 in November. The open cell is expected to maintain an equivalent decline in October and November. 

2, 23.8", the overall performance of the medium-size overall performance is insufficient, the growth rate of 23.8 inches is slow, the average price of the module in October is lower than US $0.5, and the price of November is still lower than US $0.4; and the c price is expected to decline by US $0.5 in November. "3,27", both supply and demand have steadily increased, and the average price of the module in October and November is expected to fall by about $0.7. 

The Price Of The Liquid Crystal Panel

Notebook panel:

 The third quarter pen and electricity market performance is good, after the traditional peak season, benefiting from the end market more abundant product layout, the market performance is expected to be relatively stable in the fourth quarter. From the point of view of supply, due to the complex characteristics of pen and electricity structure, the existing supply relationship is still relatively stable, but the changeable market situation leads to the mutual support between applications is particularly important, so more panel manufacturers hope to further expand the pen and electricity market, it is expected that the supply capacity will continue to increase in the future, and the pattern will also change to a certain extent.

 Qunzhi Consulting (sigmaintell) forecasts that the average price of the notebook panel fell 0 to $0.1 in October and November.