The Return To The Factory Is More Than 100 Billion, And The Anti-U.S. Tariff Is The Vertical Integration Of The Industrial Chain.

- Nov 19, 2019-

Taiwan's panel industry has been hit by China and South Korea, in order to get rid of the capacity competition, including Hanyu Caijing, Youda, Qunchuang and other panel factories have returned to Taiwan for a total amount of 118.72 billion yuan. In the future, in addition to shifting the focus to enhance R & D energy, it can also further complete the vertical integration of the industrial chain and avoid the introduction of tariffs on the sale of US television.

 In June and July, Caijing and Youda applied for "welcome Taiwan businessmen to invest in Taiwan" respectively. Each application for Taiwan investment in Taiwan was NT $7.91 billion and NT $40.7 billion, and has been approved. Today, Qun Chuang Optoelectronics also passed the examination and proposed to invest 70.1 billion yuan back to Taiwan. It is the largest case to welcome Taiwanese businessmen back to Taiwan to invest in Taiwan. 

At present, it will expand AI intelligent manufacturing automation in Bamboo and Nanke, enhance the R & D energy of prospective technology, including planning to build an automated ZERO TOUCH lamp factory production line in Tainan with the shortest time limit, expand the higher order ultra-narrow border, high contrast and e-sports panel high refresh rate technical production capacity.

Yang Zhuxiang, the general manager of the group, said that the original TV assembly was almost in the production of the Guangdong Foshan factory in China, but the second quarter was due to the 15% tariff and the reduction of the shipments due to the TV, so the products have been transferred back to the Taiwan Tainan factory and operated in a semi-automatic mode. 


We are looking forward to the full automatic production of next year. Therefore, in the future, the domestic market of China's domestic TV is supplied by Foshan Factory, and the TV is supplied by Tainan. 

He said that there are two TV production bases in Taiwan, Taiwan and Foshan, and the target of this year's TV shipment is 4 million.

 In addition to the television, the return investment also amplifies the high-order wide-view panel production line, and provides high-contrast and narrow-frame information electronic products for use. 

Yang Zhuxiang stressed that the group's return to Taiwan is still the new value of the old factory, and the new production line in the existing plant, more including the intelligent light-off factory, will be especially locked in the higher-order artificial intelligence recruitment talents in the future.