The Status Of Samsung And LG In The Facade Factory: Patent Lawsuit And The Survival Of The Interbank Competition In China

- Nov 14, 2019-

With the rapid growth of the global oled display market, South Korean panel manufacturers are not only facing pressure from patent litigation, but also grappling with fierce competition with Chinese manufacturers, businesskorea reported.

The two South Korean manufacturers that currently dominate the oled market are unrelenting, the report said. LG display (lgd) announced in July that it plans to add 3 trillion won ($2.53 billion) to its 10.5 generation oled production line in Paozhou. 

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Samsung monitors also announced on October 10 that they would invest 13.1 trillion won ($11.05 billion) to produce large oled panels. Despite the strong investment power of South Korean panel manufacturers in oled, Chinese panel manufacturers are also actively laying out to attack the market. 

For example, on September 27, Huike invested 32 billion yuan in the 8.6 generation ultra-high definition new display device production line project, which officially started construction in Liuyang Jingkai Zone (High-tech Zone). After the project is put into production, it will focus on ultra-high definition display 4k 8k 10k white light oled panel. 


In addition to the pressure to fight for the market, South Korean panel manufacturers are facing more and more patent litigation.