The Way LCD Display

- Feb 25, 2019-

1. Reflective type

2, Transmission type

3. Projection type


The function of the lamp in the LCD projector plays a modulation role on the projection light source, so it is called the liquid crystal light valve. The early liquid crystal light valve is to combine the LCD box with the photosensitive layer, the middle of a layer of shading layer. Photosensitive substances are amorphous silicon, Se, CdS and other photoconductive membranes. When the optical conductivity layer is used to receive different light quantities, the resistance changes, thus modulating the voltage added to the liquid crystal. Later, the CCD with electric writing is used, but at present, the LCD box is used to add the source matrix. In particular, LCOS (LC on Silicon), which has developed rapidly over the past few years, is typical of projection. In LCOS, the active matrix is produced directly on the monocrystalline silicon wafer, the size can be done very small, and can take full advantage of the development of the already mature silicon integration process.