To Create An Extremely Competitive Experience, TCL China Star Brings A Variety Of Gaming Screens To UDE

- Aug 07, 2020-

On July 31, UDE 2020 (The Second International Display Expo) and China Joy (The 18th China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Expo) opened at the same time at the Shanghai New International Exhibition Center. As an exhibition that opened at the same time, UDE and China Joy exhibition halls and audiences have realized interconnection for the first time, and coordinated operations in promotion, exhibitor services, conference activities, etc., and work together to bring a digital entertainment and technological life to the exhibitors Super feast.


On this occasion, TCL Huaxing brought three high-end gaming displays, including a 34-inch fish screen with ultra-wide horizontal ratio, a 27-inch curved screen with a curvature of 1000R, and a 32-inch high refresh screen with a 240HZ refresh rate. Global consumers and terminal manufacturers provide terminal solutions that can meet different needs.

Three e-sports products have their own strengths

In order to meet the "stronger, faster and more real" needs of consumers and terminal manufacturers, TCL Huaxing started from these hottest concepts and brought three of its own "fist products" for UDE and China Joy.

Among them, the TCL Huaxing 27-inch QHD curved gaming display has the high curvature of R1500, with a high refresh rate of 165HZ and a resolution of up to 2560P to provide gamers with an immersive gaming experience. At the same time, this display is the world's first curved display with Mini-LED backlight, with up to 512 partitions Locl Dimming, meeting the current highest certification level VESA display HDR certification requirements.


TCL Huaxing 27-inch curved gaming screen

TCL Huaxing’s 27-inch curved gaming screen can ensure that the distance from the screen to the user’s eyes is roughly equal, allowing both sides of the screen to achieve the same viewing angle as the center of the screen, allowing users to save the need to capture screen corner details during use. Effectively relieve visual fatigue, allowing users to have a more comfortable eye environment.

In terms of high refresh rate, TCL Huaxing launched a 32-inch FHD high refresh rate curved gaming display. This display achieves an industry-leading 240hz refresh rate. It also uses Mini LED backlight and up to 512 local Dimming. It solves the problem of screen smear and image jitter, and greatly improves the stability of the screen, which is extremely attractive to professional e-sports players.


TCL Huaxing 32-inch FHD high refresh rate curved gaming screen

Another product puts more emphasis on "wide display". TCL Huaxing’s 34-inch WQHD 165hz e-sports fish screen, with 165HZ high refresh rate to achieve smooth experience of a variety of high-end games, and equipped with Free-Sync/G-sync display frequency conversion technology , Realize the game screen without tearing. At the same time, this display also has the curvature of R1500, with a 21:9 screen ratio and 178° wide viewing angle, bringing users the ultimate visual and gaming experience.


TCL Huaxing 34-inch WQHD 165hz gaming ribbonfish screen

It is worth mentioning that this display is also suitable for a variety of application scenarios. Thanks to the 808mm screen width, this monitor can display 3 word interfaces at the same time, which is very suitable for text workers. Similarly, the ultra-wide screen ratio also allows video workers not to use the mouse to frequently drag the timeline, which can greatly improve work efficiency.

Although the three monitors are all curved screens, they have their own strengths, realize differentiated positioning, and provide customized solutions for gamers with different needs.

Technology Trends in E-sports

This UDE exhibition focuses on cutting-edge technologies and applications such as quantum dots, flexible folding, laser displays, printed displays, and virtual reality, creating a display industry ecological chain exhibition covering upstream materials and midstream devices to downstream terminals and application services.

China Joy, which opened at the same time, is one of the most well-known and influential annual events in the global digital entertainment field, covering games, animation, Internet film and television, Internet music, online literature, e-sports and other digital entertainment fields. This year's China Joy focused on displaying cutting-edge technology and high-quality content products in the digital entertainment industry with the theme of "Technology? Leading the New Wave of Digital Entertainment".

The first collision of the two exhibitions created sparks in the field of e-sports. ChinaJoy exhibitors provided software services and UDE exhibitors provided hardware support, allowing exhibitors to see the most cutting-edge development results in today's e-sports field in one venue.

2020 is known as the "game year" in the field of e-sports, and many game manufacturers have launched rare phenomenal masterpieces. The impact of the global epidemic in the first half of the year also ushered in a blowout development of e-sports. A report by iiMedia pointed out that China's e-sports market will expand to 100 billion yuan in 2020.

In the terminal market, the e-sports display market has also ushered in a stage of rapid development. According to TrendForce data, the global e-sports display market shipments are estimated to reach 11-12 million units in 2020, an increase of 41% compared to 2018.

As the e-sports market continues to grow, consumers have increasingly strict requirements for e-sports displays, and the demand for diversified e-sports displays has also become stronger. In this exhibition, combined with the feedback from exhibitors and visitors, the current consumer demand for e-sports displays can be summarized in three words: "stronger, faster, and more authentic".

Stronger, ultimate picture quality experience. The picture quality of an e-sports display is not only reflected in the resolution, but also in color reproduction, color gamut coverage, screen response time, high dynamic range (HDR) and many other performance parameters, no matter how excellent the game masterpiece, if The monitor does not have a strong basic performance as a backing. Everything is empty talk, which is almost the consensus of all gamers.

Faster and powerful screen refresh rate. For 3A game masterpieces, high refresh rate and fast response time have become standard. Many panel manufacturers have launched their own 144HZ refresh rate monitors at the exhibition. Some manufacturers such as TCL Huaxing have achieved the ultimate high refresh rate. A gaming monitor with 240HZ refresh rate and 1ms response time.

More real, immersive experience. Today, when VR technology cannot replace e-sports displays, gamers prefer curved screens that can provide an immersive experience. Compared with traditional displays, curved screens enhance the user’s visual experience and provide a wider range of experience. Vision to achieve better game effects.