To Enhance Competition Of High-end TV Product With Mini LED Backlight, Factories Focus On Active Driving Technology

- Mar 01, 2020-

With the increase in the rate of LED printing and the decline in the price of Mini LED chips, the price of open cell panels at the same time has reached a record low, which makes the display cost of Mini LED backlit significantly lower. According to WitsView's "cost analysis report on new display technology", if the 65-inch 4K TV adopts Mini LED backlight, the estimated production cost of the whole display module will drop by about 5-10% compared with 2018, which will be beneficial to the promotion of Mini LED.


Li zhihao, deputy director of research at jibang consulting, said Mini LED has experienced about two years of development from technology emergence to commercialization since it became the focus of the market in the second half of 2017, which is very efficient compared with the evolution of display technology in the past. Since the Mini LED is still under the LCD architecture, it is an important upgrade to the existing technology, which pushes the backlight specification to the limit for straight down area dimming. With TCL taking the lead in introducing 65-inch and 75-inch Mini led-backlit TVS in North America in the fourth quarter of this year, consumers also have a new option on high-end TVS.


Active drive products are expected to boost Mini LED backlight penetration in high-end TVS


In terms of the cost performance of 65-inch UHD 4K TV in different technologies, the production cost of high-end side-in backlit display module is about $350. The passive drive Mini LED backlight (about 16,000 leds) costs between $650 and $690. For hisense's Dual Cell, released this year, the cost of its display module is estimated at about $630. Although the production cost of the Mini LED TV is still slightly higher, it is beginning to be competitive in the market.


Jibang consulting pointed out that this year's mass production of Mini LED backlight TV products mostly use passive drive (PM), but because the amount of LED drive IC will increase with the increase in the number of backlight partition, in addition to the need to use a larger drive plate, production costs will also increase. Conversely, driven by active (AM) Mini LED backlit display, in the case of the more partitions can show its advantage, in addition to cost more competitive, specifications can be comparable to the level of the OLED, so like a bunch of gen, auo, boe and huaxing photovoltaic panel factory actively active drive product development, is expected to be pushed the Mini LED backlight in high-end TV city accounts for the key.