TV Display Panel And IT Display Panel Price Volume Price Rise, March Than February Slightly Smaller

- Mar 10, 2020-

Affected by the Coronavirus, the supply of large-size display panel in February decreased by 20-30%, coupled with brand tracking, pushing up the price of TV display panel in February up by 2-5%, IT display panel price has therefore stopped falling, some of the lower price of IT display panel has the opportunity to take the opportunity to increase.

WitsView research vice President qiu yubin said that under the influence of closed management in different parts of the mainland, the mainland's domestic panel plants did not reach full capacity production, such as the new 10.5 generation plant in wuhan of boe delayed production, South Korea's samsung, LGD plants in suzhou and guangzhou also suffered.Because most of the TV display panel is shipped in the form of panel semi-finished products (open cell), the previous section has a high degree of automation, and the shipment is relatively unaffected, it is estimated that the TV display panel supply will be reduced by 20% in February.However, the IT display panel is affected by the poor rework status of the downstream system factory of the panel module, and the estimated supply quantity is reduced by 30%.

The supply of display panels decreased in February, coupled with brands eager to catch up with the material to help the rise, the price of TV panels surged in February.Qiu yubin said, 55 inch panel continued last year the fourth quarter of the Korean panel factory closing effect, the most tight supply, February up as much as 4 ~ 5 dollars, the price of 100 yuan mark, a month up more than 5%.The main demand for 43-inch 4K TV sets is in the overseas market. As the brand manufacturers shift their sales focus from the Chinese market to the overseas market, the purchasing momentum has become stronger recently, driving the price of 43-inch 4K panels up by $3 ~ $4.The price of the 65-inch panel has risen $3 this month because of a delay in the production of new capacity at boe's 10.5 generation plant.Other sizes, including 32-inch, 43-inch FHD and 50-inch panels, rose an average of $2 to $3 in February. Even 75-inch panels, which had been aggressively cutting prices to stimulate demand, saw their prices stop falling this month.

As for the IT panel, because the IT panel is mostly shipped in the form of modules, the panel module components are more, the need for more labor, so the output is affected more than the TV panel.And the pen and electricity generation factory is in China, this wave is slow to resume work, the impact is bigger.Although the first quarter was a traditional slow season for IT products, the prices of laptop and monitor panels were flat in February due to a sharp decrease in panel supply. Some products, such as 21.5 inch TN monitor panels, were overpriced and had poor profits in the past, and there was a chance to raise prices slightly.

Panel prices are expected to continue rising in March, but may not rise as much as in February as production capacity increases and supply conditions improve, qiu said.In the future, we should observe the material condition of the supply chain and the change of the sales condition of the end market.