TV Panel Offers Continued To Drop In May, NB Remained Flat

- May 18, 2020-

TV panel prices reversed downwards in April, and the downward trend in May remained unchanged, but the price declines have converged. Sigmaintell expects that TV panel prices will fall approximately between US $ 2-3. In the second quarter of the IT panel, the price of laptop panels rose slightly in May due to continued demand driven by work at home and distance education. In May, the price of monitor panels remained flat due to the increase in the production of IT panels by panel makers and the demand for 618 stocks in China.


The global new coronary pneumonia epidemic continues to lead to uncertain economic prospects in various countries, and terminal demand is expected to continue to shrink, exacerbating the weak demand for panel demand. On the supply side, although Korean factories have gradually lowered their production rates, most panel manufacturers still maintain a high production rate of the production line. The supply scale has increased month by month. In the second quarter, global TV panel supply was oversupply and panel prices were adjusted downward again.


In April, mainstream LCD TV panel prices showed a substantial decline, and Sigmaintell expects that the decline in prices for some sizes in May will converge. In terms of performance by size, the price of 32-inch panels has shrunk by US $ 4 in April due to shrinking export demand, and the decline in May is expected to converge to US $ 2. Demand for 39.5-43-inch panels is also relatively weak. Panel prices fell by US $ 3-5 in April, and in May they fell by US $ 2-3. For 50-inch panels, the demand for export stocks decreased, and the price fell by $ 3 in April, and continued to fall by $ 2 in May.


Demand for large-size TV panels remained weak in May, but the 55-inch panel was stimulated by the withdrawal of Korean panel makers. The price decline gradually converged. The price decline in April was US $ 4, and it converged to US $ 3 in May. In addition, the weak demand in North America has a great impact on the demand for large-size panels larger than 65 inches. The price of 65-inch panels fell by US $ 5 in April, and the price of 75-inch panels fell by more than US $ 5. It is expected to maintain a monthly decline of US $ 5 in May.


Working at home and distance teaching have brought about a significant increase in the demand for commercial office models in the short term, and China's consumer demand is gradually recovering. At the same time, 618 sales promotion is stupid. IT panel demand in April and May is strong, and panel supply has also increased steadily. Qunzhi Consulting said that in April, panel factories adjusted production capacity and increased monitor panel output. Prices rose slightly in April. 618 stocks came to an end in May. Demand decreased. Panel factories still maintained a high utilization rate. Panel prices remained flat or fell slightly by $ 0.2.


In terms of notebook panels, the average price of low-end TN products was supported by costs. The average price in April rose by US $ 0.2, and the rally in May continued. As for mainstream IPS panels, the average price in April and May was flat.