TV Panel Price Quotation In Early Of Mar.2020

- Mar 14, 2020-

Affected by the outbreak of Coronavirus, the supply of upstream materials was in short supply, and the actual output of the display panel plant was greatly affected in February.On the demand side, despite the dismal performance of the domestic retail market, but the main brands did not reduce the demand for display panel stock, resulting in short-term panel supply constraints.In addition, display panel makers are eager for prices to recover quickly and improve profits, leading to a sharp rise in prices in February.With the gradual recovery of panel power supply.Sigmaintell expects price increases for mainstream sizes to narrow slightly in March.The performance analysis of each dimension is as follows:


32", strong export stock, tight supply, February increase of $3, is expected to rise $2 in March.

39.5"~43", the overall demand is stable, 43" main panel factory supply contraction, February 39.5" up 3 dollars, 43" up 5 dollars.Prices are expected to rise by $3 in March.

In the aspect of 50", the export stock continues, and the panel supply is tight. It rose by 4 usd in February and is expected to rise by 3 usd in March.

55 ", the stock demand is strong, the production capacity of the Korean factory to reduce the supply and demand tension, the price rose by $7 in February, is expected to rise by $5 in March.

Large size, 65" overseas brand stock demand is strong, February to march to maintain a 5 dollars increase;75" overall supply and demand balance, price maintenance.