TV Panel Prices Fell In May, IT Panel Prices Rose In The Short Term

- Apr 24, 2020-

WitsView's latest panel quotation is released. Due to the spread of the epidemic in Europe and the United States, which caused heavy consumption in the second quarter, international brands slashed orders, resulting in TV panel prices falling by about 2% to 5% in April. The price of entry-level models rose slightly. There is no substantial increase in the Chinese market, and it is expected that the decline in panel prices in May may expand.


April panel offer.png


As TV panel consumption declined in the European and American markets, brand manufacturers adjusted orders, which caused panel prices to decline. Moreover, Japanese and Korean TV manufacturers shut down production due to the closure of some overseas bases, which also reduced the pull of goods and made TV panel demand even weaker. In April, the price of 32-inch TV panels fell by US $ 2-3, and the prices of 43-inch and 50-inch TV panels fell by US $ 2. As for large-size TV panels, the impact of the epidemic was even greater. The 55-inch and 65-inch TV panels fell by about US $ 3-4 , 75-inch panel fell more than 5 dollars.


Qiu Yubin, deputy director of the research department of WitsView, said that now it seems that some cities in Europe and the United States have gradually lifted the ban, but it will take some time for the consumption power to recover. The visibility of orders in May is not high, and demand is still relatively weak. In addition, it was originally expected that the Chinese market will have 618 sales promotion momentum, but the Chinese consumer market has not yet recovered, and after the price increase of TV panels in the first quarter, the panel inventory prices of brand manufacturers are higher than the end of last year, affecting the promotion force. Although some brands in the 618 period will still make promotions, they will mainly focus on removing the existing inventory on hand, and there is limited help for the demand for additional panels to pull goods. Demand for TV panels is weak in May, and price declines are expected to increase.


As for the IT panel, the previous supply chain irregularities affected the supply, and the inventory continued to be replenished in the downstream in April. In addition, working at home and online learning led to the emergence of IT panels, which pushed up the price of the panel. This wave of demand driven by work from home and online learning is mainly in low-spec products, such as smaller size and TN panels. As the demand increases, the price of low-profile panels rises. 11.6-inch and 14-inch TN pens Electric panels rose by 0.2-0.3 US dollars, and 21.5-inch and 28-inch monitor panels rose 0.1-0.3 US dollars in April.


Observing the status of IT panel orders in May, the demand for low-profile IT panels is not bad. It continues the momentum of pulling goods in April. It is expected that some sizes will have a chance to increase prices slightly. However, whether this wave of urgent single-demand demand is only short-term, it remains to be seen when the momentum of subsequent cargo pulling will continue.