TV Panel Prices Will Fall By 1-2 US Dollars In April

- Apr 10, 2020-

TV panel prices will fall by 1-2 US dollars in April

The Coronavirus epidemic is rampant worldwide, and the global economy is facing downward pressure. It is still impossible to predict the turning point of the epidemic. In addition, due to the impact of the epidemic, transportation was blocked, and consumption power was insufficient. Various European events were postponed, and major international events such as the European Cup and the Olympic Games were also delayed. Global LCD TV sales will gradually decline. In the case of weak market demand, the market is showing pessimism, and TV manufacturers' demand for panel stocks has decreased. On the supply side, mainland China has become a major global producer of panels. With the improvement of the mainland China epidemic situation, panel supply has gradually returned to normal supply.


Based on the above market supply and demand analysis, the current overall supply in the panel market tends to be loose. Although the decline in panel prices is slowing down, it is still at a low level, lacking upward momentum, and it is difficult for panel manufacturers to reverse the loss. TV panel prices in April fell 1-2 USD / PC on the basis of March prices.


The following is a detailed analysis of TV panel dimensions based on public data from Sigmaintell:


The 32-inch, March mainstream LCD TV panel size price was flat compared to February, and the main size price in April is expected to decline. In terms of performance by size, overseas demand for 32-inch panels has weakened, and demand from second-tier manufacturers and foundries has decreased significantly. Prices in March were flat and are expected to fall by US $ 1 in April.


From 39.5 inches to 43 inches, the price of 39.5 inches in March rose slightly by $ 1, and the price of 43 inches remained. Affected by the weakening demand, the price of this size segment is expected to fall by 1 to 2 dollars in April.


50-inch panel, driven by the rebound in low prices of some manufacturers, the price in March rose slightly by $ 1. However, the export demand is expected to be pessimistic, and the demand for stocks continues to decrease. It is expected that the price will drop slightly by $ 2 in April.


For 55-inch panels, the demand for stocks has been adjusted down, which has led to short-term supply and demand loosening. Prices in March remained flat, and are expected to fall by $ 2 in April.


In terms of large size, overseas demand weakened, and prices of 65-inch and 75-inch panels fell in April.